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Publication: Living Green
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            LIVING GREEN - Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good morning, 

The Department of Energy is starting a new partnership with 
the nation's six largest wind turbine manufacturers, in an 
effort to promote research, development and building of new 
wind farms. The ultimate goal is to provide 20 percent of 
the nation's energy from wind by 2030, a goal the DOE says 
is within reach.

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Your Living Green editor 



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The companies partnering with the government are GE Energy, 
Siemens Power Generation, Vestas Wind Systems, Clipper 
Turbine Works, Suzlon Energy, and Gamesa Corporation. 

The goal embodies a strategy more often associated with 
Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who often talk 
about enacting new wind energy investments to scale up the 
industry, creating new jobs and reducing the demand for 
fossil fuel energy in the process. This policy comes 
courtesy of the Bush Administration, though.

The partnership includes improving wind turbine technology, 
figuring out where to put turbines so they don't slaughter 
birds and bats, and developing job training programs.

Wind is the second-fastest growing source of energy, next 
to natural gas. In 2007, the nation's wind energy capacity 
grew by more than 40 percent.


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