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Publication: Living Green
Demand for food and fuel is gobbling forests.

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           LIVING GREEN - Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good morning, 

A recent article on news.yahoo.com pointed out a topic that 
that we have discussed more than once in this publication. 
Growing demand for food and fuel is threatening the world's 

The world's forests will be gobbled up by an escalating 
demand for fuel and food unless steps are taken to hand 
the people who live in them greater rights. 

Scroll down for some sobering excerpts from this article. 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


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The US-based Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), an 
international coalition of forest governance and conser-
vation groups, warned that widespread deforestation would 
make climate change more severe. It would also push the 
billion or so people dependent on forests further into 
poverty and trigger conflicts.

The world will need a minimum of 515 million more hectares 
(1.27 billion acres) by 2030, in order to grow food, bio-
energy and wood products, the RRI concluded. This is almost 
twice the amount of available land and equal to an area 12 
times the size of Germany.

"Arguably we are on the verge of a last great global land 
grab," said RRI co-ordinator Andy White.

"Unless steps are taken, traditional forest owners, and 
the forests themselves, will be the big losers.

"It will mean more deforestation, more conflict, more 
carbon emissions, more climate change and less prosperity 
for everyone."


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