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Publication: Living Green
How far can cooking oil take us?

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           LIVING GREEN - Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good morning, 

     Hey Joe, I was wondering if you happen to know 
     how viable used grease from fast food places 
     (or anywhere else that serves anything deep-
     fried) could be used in place of diesel fuel 
     in those huge construction trucks, semis and 
     all other vehicles that spew all that thick 
     black smoke. I'm not sure if something like 
     this could be state or government regulated 
     but it would take care of a major contributor 
     of greenhouse gases. Not to mention these 
     restaurants have to pay a disposal fee to have 
     the grease hauled off and buried so I believe 
     much of the grease would be given away for 
     free. Also, it would have to be strained and 
     the diesel engines modified to accept the 
     grease, and you'd have to check to see if the 
     grease contained trans fats or they could 
     solidify in cold climates, but I think it may 
     be possible to persuade local government 
     agencies, to begin with, to at least consider 
     this method as an alternative to diesel. What 
     do you think? -Linda

We discussed this very subject in a recent issue of LIVING 
GREEN, but I am not above repeating material. While watching 
the clip below please pay attention to the part where they 
describe how if we used all three billion gallons of the 
waste cooking oil we produce each year as fuel, we would 
offset U.S. gasoline consumption by 2 percent. 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


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