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Publication: Living Green
Eliminate thousands of pounds of waste!

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          LIVING GREEN - Tuesday, August 7, 2007
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Good morning, 

You might be asking yourself...why should I make the effort 
to compost? 

Did you know that depending on the state, a typical U.S. 
household will produce yard waste up to 300 pounds of green 
trimmings and brush, 200 pounds of leaves, and 1,000 pounds 
of grass clippings...every year...every household...every 

Imagine the line of exhaust-belching, diesel-burning garbage 
trucks it would take to haul all of that waste to landfills! 

Much of that can not only be eliminated but turned into a 
valuable, money-saving product right in your own back yard. 

You'll be amazed at how much can go into your composting 
heap. Scroll down to find out.

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


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What goes into your composting pile...

Two parts brown to one part green. A compost pile is a teeming 
community of micro-organisms that help break down yard debris 
into compost. The best mix of nutrients for these micro-
organisms is two parts carbon-rich "brown" materials, such as 
dried leaves, mixed with one part nitrogen-rich "green" 
materials, such as grass clippings. 

A compost pile with these proportions of brown to green will 
promote large populations of microorganisms that will heat up 
yard debris and produce compost quickly. Other proportions of 
brown to green will create good compost, but will decompose 
more slowly.

DO compost these items: 

Brown (two parts) 

* old potting soil 
* twigs 
* dried grass and leaves 
* shredded newspaper 
* straw 
* wood chips 

Green (one part) 

* fresh grass clippings 
* fresh leaves 
* plant stalks 
* hedge trimmings 
* annual weeds without seed heads 
* coffee grounds, filters and tea bags 
* vegetable and fruit scraps from the house

* Do NOT compost animal waste, meats, oils, diseased plants 
or plants treated with weed killers.

You can also add farm manure if you have it (but not pet 
manure!) and wood ashes are great additions to the compost 
pile (do not use anything other than wood ashes, coal ash 
should not be used in the compost and has little fertilizer 
value if any). 

     Come back tomorrow to find out how easy your 
     compost pile is to maintain!


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