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Publication: Living Green
Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

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           LIVING GREEN - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good morning, 

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder killed off about 29 percent 
of the USA's bee population last year.  This crisis gets 
little coverage given the major threat it poses. Imagine 
if 1 in 3 pigs started dying mysteriously or 1 in 3 cows? 
Bee pollination of crops, something that most farmers 
heavily rely on, is responsible for as much as 30 percent 
of the U.S. food supply. 

Unless the cause and cure for Colony Collapse Disorder 
is found soon, many fruits and vegetables may disappear 
entirely from US produce. It's not just fruits and 
vegetables affected, but also stock feed and grains. 
Scroll down for a PARTIAL list of crops that require, or 
at least benefit from, bee pollination. 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


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Fruit & Nut Crops:    Vegetable crops:   Forage & Seed Crops:

apple                 asparagus          cotton 
apricot               broccoli           flax 
avocado               brussel sprouts    safflower 
berry                 carrots            soybeans 
cherry                cauliflower        sunflower
citrus                celery             alfalfa 
kiwi                  eggplant           buckwheat 
mango                 garlic             clover
passion fruit         lima beans 
peach                 mustard 
pear                  onion 
persimmon             pumpkin 
plum                  radish 
prune                 squash 
almond                turnip
cashew                beans 
chestnut              canteloupe 
coconut               cucumbers 
macadamia             watermelon 


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