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Publication: Living Green
A hemp revolution?

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            LIVING GREEN - Monday, May 19, 2008

Good morning, 

    I would love to see you digress at length and 
    often on replacing use of oil and trees with 
    the wonderful things that Hemp makes. For 
    starters, Hemp can make take-out containers, 
    and save our landfills from styrofoam. -Jan

Jan, I have done an issue in the past on this very topic 
and I see no reason why I shouldn't repeat it! 

Does it make sense to ban a crop in the United States that 
can have a large, positive economic and environmental impact 
and is completely harmless? That is exactly the position of 
the hemp advocates. 

Because hemp is a relative of marijuana it is lumped by law 
into the illegal drug category. It is against the law to 
grow it, although some products made from it can be imported 
from other countries. 

And most importantly, industrial hemp is not marijuana. It 
contains just 0.3 to 1.5 percent of THC, the chemical that 
gives marijuana its drug-like effects. By comparison, mari-
juana contains 5 percent to 10 percent THC. Smoking hemp is 
not going to make anyone high. 

But what are some of the benefits of this harmless crop? 
Scroll down to find out. 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


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* The fiber from the hemp plant possesses strength and dura-
bility, resists rotting and is easier to bleach than wood 
pulp, which means whiter paper at lower cost. That would be 
a boon to the book-publishing industry, to cite one example. 

* Hemp oil was used to lubricate the engines of Navy fighter 
planes in World War II, and hemp activist Woody Harelson 
used it to power a diesel vehicle to demonstrate the benefits 
of it. It can also be fermented into an alcohol-based fuel, 
offering a potent and truly renewable energy source. 

* Hemp won't put an end to the logging industry, but it would 
spare some forests from being cut down for paper products. 

* Unlike trees, which take years to grow to the point at 
which they can be harvested, hemp plants can reach a harvest-
able state within four months. For paper manufacturers and 
users it could provide a cheaper source of pulp than trees, 
which take too long to renew. 


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