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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Linda McMahon Issues Statement On Benoit Tragedy

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, August 6, 2007

Linda McMahon Issues Statement On Benoit Tragedy
Date Added: August 03, 2007
Story By: Patrick Boucher
Source: PWTorch.com

- During Thursday's conference call with investors to
report on second quarter earnings, Linda McMahon issued
the following statement on the Chris Benoit family tragedy
at the beginning of the conference call:

"All of us at WWE were both stunned and saddened by this
horrific event. There has been rampant speculation in the
media about the role of steroids in our company and our
company's position on steroids as a role or contributor
to these events.

To be clear, our talent is a critical part of our success.
And their health and well-being is important to us
personally and professionally. We are committed to doing
everything we can to help our performers lead healthy

This includes continuing our strong stance against the
abuse of all drugs, including steroids. To serve this
objective and benefit the health of our talent, we
implemented a Wellness program in February 2006, which
includes testing for steroids. We will work to maintain
it as a state-of-the-art program.

We are grateful to our fans and business partners for
their understanding that Chris Benoit's actions are not
representative of the men and women who perform for the
WWE. The continuing support of our fans and business
partners is evident in our live event attendance and the
sales of our consumer products, which have remained
strong even in the face of this tragedy.

Going forward, we remain steadfast and committed to
ensuring the health of our talent as we pursue our
mission of creating compelling characters and storylines."

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

TNA's Drug Policy Looked At; Expansion, PPV's, More
Story By: Marc Middleton

- Here are some various TNA notes and quotes from the
  latest Alex Marvez column:

- TNA Rep Craig Jenkins said market research shows that
  New York City makes up their largest TV audience, with
  an average of 58,000 viewers tuning in each week to
  iMPACT. Memphis, TN draws the highest television rating.

- Jenkins said they are targeting both cities for shows in
  2008 along with Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas,
  Boston, Houston and Philadelphia. The expansion to two
  hours for iMPACT was mentioned to happen in September or
  October. Also, TNA is set to run 96 non-televised events
  in 2008 as well as eight PPV's outside of Orlando,

- A statement released Wednesday by TNA claims the
  promotion has "an active and strict drug and alcohol
  policy" but "due to its privacy policy, TNA cannot
  comment publicly about any specific tests administered
  to members of its roster." Jenkins said TNA has "nothing
  to hide" when it comes to steroid usage but that the
  company is reviewing its current policy. "We'd be very
  unwise not to seek counsel (to learn) what are the other
  guys doing and how do we do it better than anybody else,'"
  Jenkins said. "Obviously, it's something that has to be


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WWE Diva Questioned By Police At Airport; Details
Story By: Marc Middleton

- WWE Diva Victoria posted the following on her MySpace

"So I was on the WWE Asia/Australia Tour. We fly from
California to Bangkok, perform in Bangkok, then fly to
Singapore. As I'm going through customs to get into
Singapore, my purse goes through the x-ray machine. The
security guy tells me they have to look through my bag.
I didn't see anyone else get stopped, so I figured
nothing good was coming out of this. A couple other
security people come over. They pull a bullet shell
casing out of my purse. Let me explain that. I think I
mentioned a few months back that my uncle passed away
when I was in Europe. I didn't get to go to the funeral,
and because he had a lengthy career in the U.S. Air
Force, they gave him a 21 gun salute at his funeral. My
brother collected the spent shell casings from the salute
and had them engraved with his name and the date he passed.
I appreciated that, and I keep it with me. Well Singapore
Airport security wants to know why I have a spent bullet
in my purse. They pull me aside, and pretty soon, police
officers come up with some kind of investigator. Meanwhile
WWE office folk realize that something fishy is going on,
so they step aside with me. The investigator questioned
me for a while. They really asked me the same questions
over and over. The whole deal took about 30 minutes.
Everyone was very polite, and I absolutely understand
they have a reason to be cautious, but the whole thing
was quite surreal. They ended up confiscating the shell
casing, which I hope WWE can get back from the Singapore
government, and sending me on my way."

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                      Reader's Forum

I'm curious about something, does anyone know why the
lashley-cena feud was so short-lived? I mean, edge had
several opportunities and I'll bet orton will too. 
Lashley had only one. Even kahli had more than one,
and he's not close to the talent as lashley. I like
lashley and I think he's a great talent, to good to be
fueding with carlito. He's definitely main event material.

- Kosmo

Jut a comment about the ratings slump. Maybe if they 
focused a little more on wrestling and not so much 
talking and silly story lines, the ratings would increase. 
We had RAW on this week, but we barely sat to watch any of 
it. I think the last 2 PPV's have been boring as well. The 
same people win over and over always and each week on RAW, 
Smackdown and ECW it is the same match ups, over and over. 
Inject some fun into the shows, mix up the cards, do some-
thing!! The draft was ridiculous, only a couple people 
switched sides. Why don't they do some matches with Raw VS. 
Smackdown guys, to get some excitement going. I personally 
am sick of Batista losing constantly and John Cena winning 
constantly. I like Cena, but it is time to have a new champ 
for awhile. He is great to watch and his segments on the 
mike are entertaining as well, but it becomes the same 
old show each week. 

- Lms4545 

i think that vince better start doing something to randy, 
for his actions on raw, he thinks he is the greatest thing 
that ever happened to wrestling,well he isnt there have 
been better men in the business if he keeps doing what he 
does to the other wrestlers, vince wont have a raw on 
monday night ,every week so far he has managed to have 
somene taken out on a stretcher,come on enough is enough 
this idiot, needs to be taught a lesson and if vince is 
not man enough to put an end to randy's nonsnese then he 
isnt the man i thought he was is he afraid of him seems 
that way ,everyone is getting tired every week watching 
raw and seeing randy with his cocky attitude with everyone 
DO SOMETHING VINCE before he kills someone then it is your 

- vickie 

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