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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Lennon's "Lost Weekend" Sighting

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Issue date: Saturday, September 23, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hi Readers!

I've had a fun week of paranormal research and I've come
up with some very interesting stories about celebrities
and the unexplained. I hope you enjoy today's article about
John Lennon and I'll have some other goodies for you in the
upcoming weeks. I do want to save some space for some of
your amazing and wonderful stories too so scroll down to
check out the Readers Mailbag section. 

All is fairly quiet on the homefront in terms of paranormal 
activity, except that a visitor and I heard some very 
strange bumps and bangs coming from above our heads while 
sitting in my dining room a week or so ago. A couple of 
days later, while we were watching TV, one of my guitar's 
strings snapped, scaring the wits out of both the pets and 
us! It had been rather humid, so I will put this incident 
down to the moisture bending the guitar out of shape a bit, 
but it certainly was eerie. A box of empty bottles in the 
front room also collapsed late one night scaring my s/o 
half to death, so we've been having our giggles, that's 
for sure:>) 

I shouldn't forget to mention a very interesting incident 
that just happened yesterday. A group of us had arranged 
for a psychic channeler to conduct a group reading at my 
home and the readings started with me. About 10 minutes 
into my reading, as we all sat there in a semi-darkened 
room, one row of pot lights above me suddenly went out, 
with the other row flaring bright for a moment and then 
going back to normal. The lights that had gone out 
remained that way throughout the rest of the session. 
Everyone was a bit freaked out by the lights going funny 
like that. Afterwards I went to check the dimmer switch 
and everything was okay and the lights that had gone out 
came back on as usual. Just thought that was interesting...
especially as those lights have never acted funny before. 

Well, on with today's column - and if you have any comments 
or questions, please post them to our forum at: 
Paranormal Insider Forum .

If you wish to send me your stories for publication, 
please email me at paranormal@zsuzsana.com. 

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Lennon's "Lost Weekend" Sighting
by Zsuzsana Summer

It happened back in August of 1974. John Lennon was in 
his "Lost Weekend", an 18 month episode in which he was 
separated from Yoko Ono, and living with his personal 
assistant/girlfriend, May Pang, when the pair witnessed a 
UFO over John's New York penthouse apartment.

Accounts of the incident differ slightly in detail. Accord-
ing to some, John, relaxing at home and, nonchalantly 
naked, had stepped out onto the terrace for a smoke when 
he spotted the silent, circular craft floating less than 
100 feet away. John called urgently for May to come out to 
the rooftop and look. The couple watched for a while in 
amazement, with Lennon snapping several pictures and even 
setting up a telescope at one point for a better view, 
while the UFO mysteriously disappeared but then returned 
for another fly-by. The astonished witnesses phoned a local 
newspaper to report the sighting and were told at least 
seven other people had seen the UFO. In total, it is 
reported that there were over 400 people calling various 
media sources about the sighting that night. 

Other reports quote May Pang, from her out of print book 
"Loving John" on the incident. May wrote: 

"We had just ordered up some pizzas and since it was such 
a warm evening, we decided to step out on the terrace. 
There were no windows directly facing us from across the 
street, so John just stepped outside with nothing on, in 
order to catch a cool breeze that was coming in right off 
the East River. I remember I was just inside the bedroom 
getting dressed when John started shouting for me to come 
out on the terrace. 

I yelled back that I would be right there but he kept 
screaming for me to join him in that instant. As I walked 
out onto the terrace, my eye caught this large, circular 
object coming towards us. It was shaped like a flattened 
cone and on top was a large, brilliant red light, not 
pulsating as on any of the aircraft we'd see heading for 
a landing at Newark Airport. When it came a little closer, 
we could make out a row or circle of white lights that ran 
around the entire rim of the craft - these were also flash-
ing on and off. There were so many of these lights that it 
was dazzling to the mind. It was, I estimate, about the 
size of a Lear jet and it was so close that if we had some-
thing to throw at it, we probably would have hit it quite 

May also said in another interview that they started to 
watch it drift down, tilt slightly, and it was flying below 
the rooftops. 

"We often had helicopters flying above us but this was as 
silent as the night and about seventeen stories above 
street level. The light was so brilliant coming from the 
craft that no additional details could be seen. We did take 
a couple of pictures but they turned out overexposed." 

John and May, in the meantime, had phoned photographer Bob 
Gruen who arrived quickly and was there throughout the 
latter part of this incident. Gruen later developed the 2 
rolls of film taken throughout the lengthy sighting - it's 
unclear whether one of the rolls were snapped by him, but 
in any event, there was apparently no useable evidence 
captured on any of the pictures taken that night. 

"We even called the police," May says, "that's how excited 
we were, and they told us to keep calm, that others had 
seen it too." During what was left of the evening, John 
kept saying, "I can't believe it... I can't believe it... 
I've seen a flying saucer!" 

Lennon is said to have discussed the experience with 
several other close contacts, including Yoko Ono, Elliot 
Mintz, Ray Coleman; Uri Geller; David Bowie, Ava Cherry, 
Bebe Buell, his son Julian, his housekeeper Fred Seaman, 
and his astrologer. 

Lennon's album, Walls and Bridges, released in the Autumn 
of 1974, has a notation on the booklet that came with the 
record, reading: "On 23 August 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a 
UFO J.L.". 

The sighting was also memorialized in his song, "Nobody 
Told Me": Everybody's smoking and no one's getting high
Everybody's flying and never touch the sky
There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised
Nobody told me there'd be days like these
Strange days indeed, most peculiar, mama...

John is said to have yelled out for the UFO to come 
and take him. Let's hope that he has had a magical 
interplanetary ride on the other side. 

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I just read your latest edition and everything in it was 
something I had experienced myself. 

About seeing triple or quadruple numbers on clocks, that 
happens to me a lot when, for some unknown reason, I will 
glance at a clock. They are random, like 3:33, 5:55, 2:22, 
but most often it's 11:11. Your explanation was enlighten-
ing.  I was always grateful there wasn't a time such as 
6:66 because I've had too many personal dealings with 
Satan and his demons that even seeing his number creates 
a wave of darkness over my soul. 

I played with a ouija board as a teenager. It told me the 
first and last name of the man I would marry, but I've been 
married twice and yet to meet anyone with the name I was 
given.  But it was awesome how the words and answers were 
spelled out without any effort on our part.  Later I 
learned that this activity involved the other side and not 
all spirits are nice, so I never touched a ouija board 

As for lights going out overhead, that happens to me so 
much, it's become a known part of my life with friends and 
family.  Once I was at a department store with neon lights 
over the entire ceiling.  It was a super big store.  As I 
was looking at greeting cards, I heard a buzzing and 
crackling sound.  I looked up.  The light above me (about 
a 3' x 1' area) was blinking, going on and off until it 
just went out with a pop.  Every light in the ceiling was 
on and working fine except the one right over my head.  
Another strange occurrence was when I was cleaning the
dining room table and the light bulb overhead exploded 
in a thousand pieces.  I wasn't cut, but it was a nerve 
racking moment.  Then there are the usual at home bulbs 
going out way too often when I'm near them.  It's not 
the wiring in the home, because this has happened on a 
regular basis for the last 5 homes I've lived in. 

I have a lot of stories about ghosts, but the details will 
have to be in a later email, since there are so many.  
I've lived with a ghost and seen a ghost and I know they 

There is something else I haven't seen in your newsletter 
that you might invite responses to. Actually 2 things.  
The first is hearing a word or phrase either on TV or the 
radio or from someone not talking to you, immediately after 
you say it.  That happens a lot.  My brother noticed it and 
mentioned it to me first and I had experienced it so much, 
I just thought it was cool.  The second thing is when I 
fall asleep watching TV and wake up, just as I'm coming 
out of sleep, I'll open my eyes and see words on the TV 
screen that are not part of the show.  It's very much like 
subliminal messages.  Usually they are gone before I can 
read them plainly since I leave the unconscious state into 
wakefulness so quick.  Once I was able to read the words 
because they were big and few.  It said "KILL ALL KINGS".  
I have no idea what that means.  It was showing on the 
screen over top of the actual show which was something as 
innocent as Three's Company.  As soon as I'm "awake", the 
words disappear or they are still there but I can't see 
them consciously. 

Well, that's all for now.  I just had to get all this out 
after reading your newsletter, which I think is fantastic! 
You are welcome to use any of my comments in your 
newsletter if you want. 



One night a few weeks ago, I was sleeping rather soundly 
when I felt my body being spun and dragged around my bed. 
I opened my eyes, realizing somehow I couldn't move. 
Standing over my bed was the shadow of a man wearing a top 
hat, and I could not move, even if I wanted to. The thing 
came closer, and I continued staring at it until it was 
close enough to touch. It reached for me, and I stared at 
it, and flatly asked what the hell it thought it was doing; 
I was having a nice sleep until the stupid thing decided 
to bother me. At hearing me, the shadow drew back and 
disappeared. I don't know if I scared it off, or it just 
realized that I wasn't afraid of it. It didn't feel evil, 

If any of your readers can help me understand it, I'd be 
very appreciative. I still have a feeling it's around. 
Especially when my room is dark and the door is shut. I 
would really appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance. 


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Hi.......love your site ! Now my musings: A new home (no 
previous owners or tenants) I and my family moved into in 
1966 on Long Island , N.Y. had some seriously strange 
occurrences. The first was a bedroom in the basement....it 
had a distinct circle of cold air in the center of the 
8X12 room, approximately 1 foot from each wall began the 
cold. This was my newborn son's room and we had to dress 
him warmly at night as no amount of raising the heat in 
the house would warm up this room. Shortly after moving in 
we were all awakened by a baby crying. My room was attached 
by a door to my son's room and I went in and checked on 
him. He was sound asleep and yet the crying continued. It 
seemed to float into the small hallway. That is when my 
parents came down and asked WHY HADN'T I PICKED UP THE BABY?
Then I showed them, as we were still hearing the cries, my 
son fast asleep ! The cries then floated into a large den 
area and we all followed it......until it seemed to 
disappear through the far wall and became silent. There 
were many, many other instances of paranormal activity, but 
I won't go into them at this time. This, among other scary 
occurrences, led my brother (a teenager), my mom and myself 
to pick up the Ouija board we had stored away. We asked it 
if our home was occupied with others than the living.....it 
said yes. We asked how many spirits or ghosts were there....
it spelled out the number 11.  We were not convinced, so we 
asked it what time our dad would come home from work that 
night (he worked different shifts and that night he was due 
in around 12:30 a.m.)...the Ouija spelled out 11 p.m.. 
Now, my dad never came home early - ever !  When he walked 
in at 11:00 pm we could not believe it and it rattled us so 
much that we threw away the board and never replaced it!  
I do believe that house was haunted by spirits, even though 
it was newly built.....it was rumored that Indians had a 
burial ground some where in the area this new neighborhood 
was being built. A friend 1 block away also confided that 
there were strange happenings in his house also. Living in 
this home was, to say the least, a challenge.  Even a cross 
I had placed on my bedroom door was flung across the hall-
way, after I'd heard it spin very quickly first. The other 
comment I wanted to make was on the seeing of the numbers, 
repeatedly. I have that happen to me now on a daily 
basis....all different numbers in sets of 3 of the same 
(i.e.., 555, 666, 888 etc.) as I use a hand counter to do 
pool exercises and will on occasion, glance at the counter 
and perhaps 7 times out of 10, I'll see a 3 digit repeat. 
Thank you for your column and thank you for letting me tell 
part of my story here.

- CJB 

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