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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
The Legend of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman

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Issue date: Saturday, December 9, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers:

The Wisconsin Janesville Gazette reported on Nov. 27th that 
a lightning strike has killed a baby white buffalo named 
Miracle's Second Chance. The young male buffalo, born in 
another lightning storm just back in August of this year, 
was truly a 'second chance' for both his owners and for 
the countless people around the world who believe that 
appearances of the extremely rare white buffalo fulfill the 
Native American legend of being bringers of peace to man-

White buffalo calves are considered highly sacred to 
America's indigenous peoples, especially to the  Lakota, 
Dakota, and Nakota Sioux Nations and the Cheyenne. As 
representations of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman, 
these rare animals are venerated as symbols of hope for 
mankind, and have gained similar reverence amongst people 
from many cultures throughout the world. 

Both this baby and the 'original' Miracle, a female white 
buffalo born in Aug. 1994, were born and lived at a farm 
owned by Dave Heider and his family in Wisconsin's Rock 
County. Miracle, the first known white buffalo to be born 
since 1933, died of unexpected but natural causes in 2004. 
Not surprisingly then, there was much rejoicing when 
Miracle's Second Chance made his entry into the world this 
year. "How many times in a lifetime does lightning strike?" 
Heider said to The Janesville Gazette after the second 
birth. The two buffalo were not genetically related but 
the similarities between them were remarkable. 

The Heiders' entire herd seemed to be aware that this new 
baby buffalo was special, like his predecessor. As they 
did with Miracle, the entire herd kept Miracle's Second 
Chance in the center of the circle for protection and 
other mother buffalo protected him from over-exuberant 
roughhousing by other calves in the group. 


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The lightning storm on Nov. 26 killed 2 buffalo cows and 
3 calves, likely all the result of one strike on the farm. 
"I suppose it's going to be a great loss to a lot of 
people," Heider says. Heider's farm has become something 
of a tourist destination as a result of the two white 
buffalo, with thousands having visited the first Miracle 
and many more having inquired about visiting Miracle's 
Second Chance. The Heiders, although they are not First 
Nations people, have considered both of their white buffalo 
to be special gifts to mankind. The Heider farm actually 
sits on lands that are considered sacred grounds by the 
region's indigenous people. In honour of the important 
message these special buffalo are said to bear, the Heiders 
had opened their farm to the thousands of visitors from 
around the world who came to visit, free of charge, and 
share in the wonder of the white buffalo. 

About the tragedy of the death of Miracle's Second Chance, 
Heider was quoted as saying sadly, "It's just coincidence, 
I guess, that lightning struck twice. He was born in a 
storm and died in a storm." 

There are a handful of other white buffalos in various U.S. 
locations at present, with an even smaller number of these 
being 'true' white buffalo, which is to say they are not 
albinos, and not cross-bred. Some experts have said that 
only one in ten million buffalo is born white although 
others say the odds are not quite so small. Spirit Mountain 
Ranch in Flagstaff, Arizona, is home to a family of these 
rare creatures. The genetic condition that produces white 
buffalo causes the buffalo to be born with white fur that 
eventually changes in colour, sometimes more than once, 
within the next year or two as the animal matures. Albino 
buffalo on the other hand remain white their entire lives 
and usually have hearing and vision problems associated 
with the albinism. Bison who have been crossbred with 
cattle can sometimes produce white offspring if it runs 
in the cattle's background. 

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The Legend of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman

The White Buffalo Calf Woman, is a 'Wakan' (sacred) woman 
of supernatural origin who arrived miraculously to give the 
Lakota people their 'Seven Sacred Rituals'. Her story has 
existed for at least 2000 years and the legend has many 
variations, but the core message is the same. White Buffalo 
Calf Woman was sent by the Great Spirit to teach the people 
how to pray and to ensure peace and harmony on earth to 
the end of the ages. It was she who gave the Lakota the 
'chununpa' (sacred pipe), their most important tool in 

According to legend, one day long ago, two young men were 
out hunting when they spied a beautiful maiden dressed in 
brilliant white buckskin, appearing seemingly out of 
nowhere. One young man knew immediately that this beautiful 
maiden was a holy one and respectfully lowered his eyes 
while his companion, overcome with lust, announced his 
intention to assault the maiden. In spite of the respectful 
young man's warnings, the second passion-crazed young man 
pressed forward and reached out to embrace the vision, 
whereupon he and the maiden were quickly enveloped in a 
thick cloud of dust. Moments later, the dust settled to 
reveal only the maiden standing there, a pile of bones and 
writhing snakes at her feet. White Buffalo Calf Woman asked 
the astonished young brave left standing to go back to the 
village and tell his people to prepare for her arrival. She 
explained that she came with a message from Wakan Tanka, 
the Great Spirit. 

Once she had settled in at the camp, White Buffalo Calf 
Woman presented the people with a sacred bundle containing 
the sacred pipe and she carefully taught the tribal leaders 
and their people how to worship, pray and live in peace and 
reverence. The sacred rituals she disclosed were the Sweat 
Lodge Ceremony for purification; the Naming Ceremony for 
naming children; the Healing Ceremony for the body, mind 
and spirit; the Adoption Ceremony for making of relatives; 
the Marriage Ceremony; the Vision Quest for communing with 
the Great Spirit and one's Power Animals; and the Sundance 
Ceremony to pray for all the people. 

She explained that prayerful worship and reverence for 
the pipe would take the people to the end of time. White 
Buffalo Calf Woman added that within her very being there 
were four ages. At each age she would look in on the people 
and at the end, she would return. 

After sharing her gifts with the people, this beautiful 
holy being made her farewells and walked away into the 
distance, promising to return. As the people watched their 
revered teacher walk away into the distance, they were 
amazed to see a shimmering light form around her and 
envelop her. Before their eyes, the Wakan's form dissolved 
and disappeared, only to emerge once again from the light 
as glowing white buffalo calf. The calf trotted off to the 
top of a hill where she paused and bowed once to each of 
the four directions before disappearing from view. 

The sacred bundle White Buffalo Calf Woman is said to have 
brought for the Lakota people is still kept in a sacred 
place on a Cheyenne River Indian reservation in South 
Dakota. This holy relic is kept by a man known as the 
Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, Arvol Looking 

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Question About Shamanism

Dear Paranormal,
I was wondering if any one of you guys believe in 
Shamanism. It pretty much has to do with spirits and such. 
My dad was one, and a lot of my relatives I know are 
shamans also. They use Shamanism to heal people and to 
please spirits that are bothering relatives. I've seen it 
work so I pretty much believe in it and I just wanted to 
know what you guys thought about it. 


Vue Lee



Yes, Shamanism has existed since prehistoric times and 
across almost every known culture. It is still practiced 
by indigenous peoples around the world, especially Native 
American, Latin American, Hawaiian, and Eskimo cultures, 
as well as in various areas of Siberia, Mongolia, Africa 
and Asia. 

Shamans are believed to be able to diagnose illness and to 
heal, to control the weather, to prophesy, to interpret 
dreams and to travel to other planes. Traditional shamans 
function in trance and ecstatic states accessed through 
the use of hallucinogenic substances and/or autosuggestion, 
dancing and chanting, lucid dreaming and OBEs,  and they 
work with power animals and the spirit world to effect 
their magick. Shamans have also been called Witch Doctors, 
Medicine Men and Curandero. 

Shamanism has been embraced by many New Agers, who believe 
that it is a path to spiritual enlightenment, 
transcendence, healing and connecting with nature as well 
as spirit. Shamans usually come by their vocation through 
heredity or spontaneous trigger events, such as near death 
experiences or other major mystical experiences, thought 
to be arranged by the spirit world. Native North Americans 
who undertake vision quests may also develop their 
shamanistic abilities when they return from their travels 
to the other worlds. 

Until next time, wishing you all magic and miracles... 

Carpe Diem! 


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