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Publication: Laff A Day
I don't dig on swine.

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LAFF A DAY - Friday, June 27, 2008

Greetings Laff Lovers,

The chumps in the office were ordering lunch today and every-
body apparently was getting this pork chop sandwich with 
grilled onions. 

"Do you want to order with us, TZ?" one of them asked. "These 
pork chop sandwiches are delicious." 

"I don't dig on swine," I said, doing my best Samuel L. 
Jackson. "Pigs are filthy animals and I don't eat filthy 

"You've never had pork?" one of the editors asked. 

"Oh, I've had pork before, I just usually avoid it." 

"So what do you usually eat, then?" one of the girls asked. 

I stared her straight in the face and said, "Pussy."



"According to a new study, 99% of women say they don't like 
men who wear leather pants. Which works out perfectly, since 
100% of men who wear leather pants don't like women. 
 --Conan O'Brien 

Easily His Best Stand-Up Performance To Date

Taped before a sold-out house at New York City's Carnegie Hall, 
the performance represents a creative resurgence for Carlin, 
following a heart attack earlier that year. 

Watch as he ignites the stage with his outrageous comedy and 
mimicry, including the classic routines: Rice Krispies, 
Newscast #3, Have a Nice Day, Ice-Box Man, Fussy Eater, 
Dogs & Cats #2 and MUCH MORE. Now only $19.99, visit: 

George Carlin at Carnegie Hall

Q. How can you tell when a woman is really hot for you? 

A. When you put your hand down her pants and it feels like 
   you're feeding a horse. 

Redneck Motto: Drink until she's beautiful, but if that 
doesn't work, put a flag over her face and do it for your 


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Check current weather conditions right from your desktop 
with the Digital Desktop Weather Station by Journey's Edge. 

This compact, but powerful, unit stands up on a desk or 
table to display the current temperature, humidity and moon 
phase and more.

Features Include:
- Displays Current Weather Conditions
- Displays The Moon Phase
- A built-in calendar displays time & date
- 12/24 hour time format 
- Built-in alarm clock. 
- Temperature settings: Fahrenheit & Centigrade
- Humidity Display.
- Easy to operate control buttons
- And YES, A Battery IS Included.

Get one for $9.99 or save an additional $6.00 and get 
two (2) for $13.98. 


A white guy was having trouble satisfying his wife, so he 
went to his black buddy at work for advice. 

"Listen," said the inept white guy, "I know you soul 
brothers always satisfy your women. How do you do it?" 

"Oh, dat ain't no problem," said his friend. "What I does 
is stick it in 'em real slow, and then pull it out from 'em 
real fast. Keep doin' that and dey come every time." 

The white guy went home that night and tried his friend's 
technique out. He stuck it in real slow, and then pulled it 
out real fast, just like his buddy said. After a while he 
asked his wife, "Honey, do notice anything different about 
the way I'm doing it?" 

"Yeah," she said, "you're screwing just like black guy." 

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