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Publication: Laff A Day
Let that be a lesson to you.

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LAFF A DAY                              Friday, July 25, 2008

Greetings Laff Lovers,

The God-damned company picnic is tomorrow. I don't suppose 
I'll be lucky enough to need an emergency root canal in the 
next 20 hours or so. 

About six years ago I was stupid enough to volunteer to go 
pick up the giant rental barbecue grill we use every year 
and I've been saddled with the job ever since. 

Let that be a lesson to you, folks, don't ever volunteer for 
anything, ever. 

I guess I shouldn't exaggerate so much. Once everything gets 
set up the picnic is usually pretty fun. And the kids enjoy 
the hell out of it. It's just so much work to get everything 
organized for fifty or sixty freeloaders. 

If anybody gets drunk and pukes or there is a knife fight or 
something I'll tell you about it next week. 

Enjoy your weekend!


"Barack Obama was in Germany today, and 100,000 people showed 
up. There were so many Germans shouting and screaming that 
France surrendered just in case." -Craig Ferguson


Retail Price: $5.99
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The compact Adventure Plus Tool has a small light for map-
reading in the dark and a floating-dial compass should you 
need to get back on course. A thermometer, safety mirror, 
whistle, and dry storage for matches give you tools to use 
in an emergency. Bottom Line: This little item does it all... 
it gives you lighting and safety tools for any adventure! 
And at this low price you'll want to pick up a few... they 
make wonderful gifts. Both kids and adults love 'em.

The Adventure Tool Features:
      - Super Bright LED Light      - Whistle 
      - Storage Compartment         - Compass   
      - Magnifying Glass            - Thermometer 

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Dude #1: "So it's either lots of bran every day, or just wake 
up to a cigarette and coffee. Works for me every time." 

Dude #2: "So there's a health benefit to your vices, huh?" 

Dude #1: "I guess so." 

Dude #2: "I wonder if gay guys have good shits. Maybe that's 
a benefit of anal sex." 

Dude #1: "I'll stick to cigarettes and coffee, thanks." 

"Barack Obama was in Germany today. He's like a rock star 
over there... which is impressive until you hear that David 
Hasselhoff is also like a rock star over there." 
 -Jimmy Kimmel


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This lightweight scanner instantly disinfects faucets, door 
knobs, keyboards, phones & more! The UV light kills 99.9% of 
germs in just 10 seconds. It is safe & effective. It includes 
a carrying pouch for traveling or for a purse.

If you travel, you simply MUST have this. Take a few minutes 
and run it over your hotel bed and sheets... you wouldn't 
believe the germs in even the finest hotels. And don't forget 
to run it over the almost never wiped down phones and remote 

Remember get one for $14.98 or two (2) for $25.98. To see this 
or get more info, visit: MINI DISINFECTING UV SCANNER...

A woman was in a sex boutique shopping for vibrators when the 
clerk said, "Perhaps you might be interested in this one. It's 
our most realistic model." 

The woman said, "You mean it's shaped exactly like a man's 

"No," the clerk replied, "I mean that after five minutes it 
goes soft for the rest of the night." 

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           *** THE WORLD ACCORDING TO TZ ***

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  F-R-E-E (you pay s&h). For more info or to order visit:
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