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Publication: Laff A Day
An unhealthy fantasy life.

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LAFF A DAY - Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Greetings Laff Lovers,

The wife and I were watching some sword and sorcery movie 
in bed the other night (actually, I was watching it and 
she was reading a book). It was Conan, as I recall, and a 
couple of the scenes sparked some ideas in my mind. 

"Honey," I said, nudging my wife, "the kids are going to 
stay with your mother for a weekend next month, aren't 

"Mmmm hmmm."

"I have an idea...since we'll have the house to ourselves 
why don't we get you a slave girl outfit, I'll see if I can 
find a loincloth and maybe a sword from somewhere, then we 
can pretend the living room is your village, I'll invade, 
do a little pillaging and then I'll rape you!" 

"Or..." she countered, "you could get yourself a lawyer and 
then I'll rape you in court."

"Can I still wear the loincloth?"



Women complain about sex more than men. Their gripes fall 
into two major categories:

(1) Not enough.
(2) Too much.


Developed by scientists and used only by the finest chefs of 
the world... You too can make the revolutionary Flexible 
Chopping Mat a part of YOUR kitchen. 

Perfect for cutting and chopping, the futuristic surface won't 
dull knives. Not only will it protect your countertops it also 
provides a sanitary work surface. Great for camping, boating, 
picnics and RV's. You can even fold the sides and it becomes a 
funnel... great for your veggies. Oh yeah, did we mention its 
dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Don't wait get three (3) 
Flexible Chopping Mats for JUST $2.99 when you visit below: 

Flexible Chopping Mats

According to a new survey about sex, 51 percent of people 
said they would consider having sex for money if the amount 
offered was large enough. 

The average woman said the amount would have to be at least 

The average man, on the other hand, said, "How much change 
do you have on you?"

Reasons To Like Beer by 7 Year Olds 

A handful of 7 year old children were asked, 'what they 
thought of beer.' Some interesting responses, but the last 
one is especially touching. 

7-year-old Tim- 'I think beer must be good. My dad says the 
more beer he drinks the prettier my mom gets.'

7-year-old Melanie - 'Beer makes my dad sleepy and we get 
to watch what we want On television when he is asleep, so 
beer is nice. 

7-year-old Grady - 'My Mom and Dad both like beer. My Mom 
gets funny when she drinks it and takes her top off at 
parties, but Dad doesn't think this is very funny.'

7-year-old Toby - 'My Mom and Dad talk funny when they drink 
beer and The more they drink the more they give kisses to 
each other, which is a good thing.' 

     Chugga-chugga Chugga-chugga CHOOOO CHOOOOO!
ALL ABOARD for the Great Trans-American Train Ride On DVD

Join travel expert Doug Jones on an unforgettable adventure
as he guides you on a spectacular coast-to-coast journey on 
3 of America's greatest trains! The Great Trans-American 
Train Ride will carry you from "Sea to Shining Sea" on a 
romantic and nostalgic cross-sountry journey aboard the last 
great passenger trains of the U.S.A.. On DVD for $16.99. 

The Great American Train Ride

7-year-old Sarah - 'My Dad gets funny on beer. He is funny. 
He also wets his pants sometimes, so he shouldn't have too 

7-year-old Lilly - 'My Dad loves beer. The more he drinks, 
the better he dances. One time he danced right into the pool.' 

7-year-old Ethan - 'I don't like beer very much. Every time 
Dad drinks it, he burns the sausages on the barbecue and they 
taste disgusting.' 

7-year-old Shirley - 'I give Dad's beer to the dog and he 
goes to sleep.' 

7-year-old Jack - 'My Mom drinks beer and she says silly 
things and picks on my father.  Whenever she drinks beer 
she yells at Dad and tells him to go bury his bone down the 
street again, but that doesn't make any sense.'

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