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Publication: Laff A Day
The perfect relationship.

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LAFF A DAY - Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Greetings Laff Lovers,

I just read an article (written by a woman) about the eight 
signs your partner is addicted to porn. They are as follows: 

1. Your partner is not as social as he used to be.

2. Your partner lacks interest in sex or waits for you to 
initiate it. 

3. Your partner is being uncharacteristically demanding or 
rough during sex.

4. Your partner has become emotionally distant during sex.

5. Your partner has started to nit-pick your appearance, 
making you feel like a sex object.

6. You feel like you're no longer getting straight answers 
from your lover.

7. Your partner is practically wed to the Internet.

8. You've noticed a change in your partner's demeanor as he 
becomes more like a 'sex pervert'.

According to the author these issues can cause emotional 
problems, victimization and stress that can eventually 
threaten the relationship itself.

Threaten the relationship? A wife who gives you time for 
the Internet, is not emotionally demanding and rough sex 
to boot? That sounds like the perfect relationship. 



"I like fruit baskets because a fruit basket enables you to 
mail somebody fruit without appearing insane. If you just 
mailed somebody some apples they'd be like, 'What the hell 
is this?' But if you put those apples in a basket they're 
like, 'Hey, this is nice!'" -Demetri Martin

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Three women were sitting around throwing back a few drinks 
and talking about their love lives. 

One woman said, "I call my husband the dentist. Nobody can 
drill like he does." 

The second woman giggled and confessed, "I call my husband 
the miner because of his incredible shaft." 

The third woman quietly sipped her whiskey until her friend 
asked, "Say, what do you call your husband?" 

She frowned and said, "The postman. He always delivers late, 
and half the time it's in the wrong box."

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Women's Training Courses:

1. Silence, the Final Frontier: Where No Woman Has Gone Before
2. The Undiscovered Side of Banking: Making Deposits
3. Parties: Going Without New Outfits
4. Man Management: Minor Household Chores Can Wait Till After 
 The Game
5. Bathroom Etiquette I: Men Need Space in the Bathroom Cabinet 
6. Bathroom Etiquette II: His Razor is His 
7. Communication Skills I: Tears - The Last Resort, not the First
8. Communication Skills II : Thinking Before Speaking
9. Communication Skills III: Getting What you Want Without Nagging
10. Driving a Car Safely: A Skill You CAN Acquire
11. Telephone Skills: How to Hang Up 
12. Introduction to Parking
13. Advanced Parking: Backing Into a Space
14. Water Retention: Fact or Fat
15. Cooking I: Bringing Back Bacon, Eggs and Butter
16. Cooking II: Bran and Tofu are Not for Human Consumption
17. Cooking III: How not to Inflict Your Diets on Other People
18. Compliments: Accepting Them Gracefully
19. PMS: Your Problem...Not His
20. Dancing: Why Men Don't Like To
21. Classic Clothing: Wearing Outfits You Already Have
22. Household Dust: A Harmless Natural Occurrence Only Women Notice
23. Integrating Your Laundry: Washing It All Together
24. Oil and Gas: Your Car Needs Both
25. TV Remotes: For Men Only

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