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Publication: Diet Buddy
Kick It In Gear!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, May 14, 2007

Kick It In Gear!

Hi There Buddies...

Now that the nice weather is here to stay we're all anxious 
to drop those extra pounds we've piled on over the winter.  
Exercising and eating smart are positive ways to help us on 
our road to weight loss.  Exercise helps jump start our 
metabolism again and eating the proper foods can kick it up 
a notch as well.

It seems that as we...ahem...get a little older, our 
metabolism seems to have automatically slowed down for no 
apparent reason, making it harder and harder to get into our 
favorite pair of jeans, tops and dress/suit.

Remember back when we were able to eat pizza at night, and 
sweets whenever we felt like it, without giving it a second 
thought?  We were able to eat a salad and bread in 
restaurants, without having to worry about how many 
calories were in the dressing, or how fattening the bread 
was for us.  And, do I dare say, we were able to go to a 
fast food place without worrying about how much fat a 
hamburger and fries contained.

Now, it seems we barely glance at any of these foods and 
the pounds mysteriously appear around our middle, thighs 
and elsewhere we don't want them to.  Wouldn't it be 
wonderful if we could just retain that metabolism of our 
youth for the rest of our lives?

Actually, we can do it, no matter how young or old we are 
says John Berardi, author, founder and president of Science 
Link, who insists that by following a simple plan you can 
increase your calorie burn by 40 to 60 percent, drop 10 to 
15 pounds of fat in two months and make your metabolism run 
faster. Co-author Ted Spiker says if you're willing to 
dedicate six weeks to some life-changing habits, you'll 
emerge with a higher metabolism and flatter stomach, and 
remain lean for life.

Below are some basic rules to follow to get us in shape, 
compliments of Diet & Exercise Magazine:  

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RULE 1:  Eat every 2 to 3 hours, starting an hour after you 
         wake up in the morning.

Every  time you eat, you stimulate your metabolism for a 
brief period.  For example, eating six times a day gives 
your body a chance to rev itself up each time.  Besides 
that, eating more often feeds muscles and starves fat, 
Berardi says.  

This also reassures your body that food is readily 
available, Spiker says, unlike the coding that occurs when 
you avoid breakfast, eat a small lunch and stuff yourself 
at dinner.  "It keeps you full and satisfied throughout the 
day, so you aren't going through this big binge where 
nothing looks better than a plate of nachos.

RULE 2:  Build with protein.

What you eat is just as important as how often you eat.  
Here's the goal:  Consume protein every time you eat, every 
two or three hours.  You can eat two ounces of grilled 
chicken in a salad, or a small piece of salmon, or lean red 
meat such as a top round, sirloin, or low-fat ground beef 
with green vegetables.  But don't go crazy with the portions; 
just use common sense, Spiker says.

"We advocate you balance out your meals with lean protein, 
whole-grain carbs and a little bit of healthy fat," he 
explains.  "We are not so much concerned about the perfect 
ration, but making sure the majority of foods you eat fall 
into these groups."

Your body will digest food more quickly, and you'll increase 
your fat-loss hormones, boost muscle building, reduce cardio-
vascular risk, and improve weight loss and overall nutrition.

RULE 3:  Balance with vegetables.

Berardi insists vegetables are just as important as protein.  
Eat vegetables every time you eat protein, every two to 
three hours, to boost metabolism.  Consider eating small 
amounts of spinach, tomatoes, avocados, berries, oranges and 
other low-sugar fruits and vegetables with every meal to 
balance your protein consumption.

Don't whine, because vegetables balance your body's pH, 
representing the balance between your body's acidic- and 
alkaline- forming ions.  Eating excessive acidic foods 
without enough alkaline makes you sluggish and prone to 
illnesses and infections that attack your blood, bones, 
tissue and organs. 

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Vegetables have minerals and fiber that help push food 
through the digestive process.  They also contain antioxi-
dants, reducing the effects of aging, memory loss and blood 
vessel damage.

While most protein is acidic, vegetables neutralize acid.  
So even if it's just a snack, eat lean protein and a large 
serving of vegetables.

RULE 4:  Eat most carbs after exercise.

Both experts on metabolism-boosting dietary programs agree 
on this point.  The secret is eating the right carbs at the 
right time.

This means you can eat fiber-rich carbs found in fruits and 
vegetables at any time of the day.  But select fruits and 
veggies that are low in sugar such as green beans, baby 
carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, asparugus and cauliflower.  
Eat starchy carbohydrates such as cereal, rice, bread and 
potatoes during the few hours right after exercise.  Avoid 
refined sugars, which are loaded with carbs, and offer 
little nutritional value, except during and immediately 
following a workout.

RULE 5:  Balance your fats.

Once again, it's the type of fat you're consuming. Starting 
to sound familiar?

Berardi says fat actually can help you lose body fat.  
Consume omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and flaxseed, 
which help reduce the levels of pro-inflammatory hormones 
called cytokines.  Omega-6 fatty acids, found in most 
cooking oils, raise the level of these hormones.

Stay away from common oils because they slow metabolism and 
ultimately cause inflammation in the body, leading to joint 
pain, heart disease and muscle loss.  Instead, Khephera 
Jesal, a holistic dietician in Farmington Hills, Michigan, 
recommends reaching for olive oil, flaxseed, flaxseed oil, 
and mixed nuts.  This is important because, besides boosting 
your metabolism they increase muscle building, decrease 
disease risk, reduce depression and improve intelligence.
Jesal suggests consuming avocados, nuts and nut butters and 
the polyunsaturated fat found in fish oils.  


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Metabolism Boosters!  

Lean red meat: Full of vitamin B, the most soluble form of 
iron, fat-burning fatty acids and muscle builders.

Salmon: Has protein and omega-3 fatty acids, a dynamic duo 
that leads to fat burning.

Omega-3 eggs: Produced by hens that eat a diet rich in 
flaxseed, they also give a protein, omega-3 punch.

Low-fat, lactose-free plain yogurt: Boosts the protein 
content of your diet.  Calcium consumption speeds your 
metabolism and burns fat.

Spinach: Neutralizes acid-forming food; contains fiber to 
improve gastrointestinal health.

Tomatoes: Full of fiber and vitamin C.  

Cruciferous vegetables: Eat broccoli, cabbage and cauli-
flower, which are believed to reduce the risk of certain 
cancers.  They also are great antioxidants.

Avocados: One of the healthiest fruits, they provide B 
vitamins, fiber, folate and zinc.

Mixed berries: Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries 
are high in antioxidants.

Oranges: A source of vitamin C; also good for fiber and 

Mixed beans: One cup of kidney beans, black beans and 
chickpeas equals 11 grams of fiber.  Beans help lower blood 
sugar and control diabetes.

Quinoa: A gluten-free supergrain that is rich in vitamins 
and minerals.  

Whole oats: Also one of the healthiest grains; contains 
the most soluble fiber.

Mixed nuts: Reduce risk of several diseases, including 
heart disease; promote weight loss.

Olive oil: Revs up metabolism and reduces risk of diseases.

Flaxseed and flaxseed oil: Contain heart-healthy omega-3 
fatty acids.

Green tea:  Offers a host of benefits, including cancer 
prevention, fat loss and important blood circulation.

Did You Know ???

Drinking ice cold water speeds up your metabolism by 5%.  
It decreases the temperature in your body, thus making the 
body work harder to keep warm, hence the increase in 
metabolism.  The same works with cold showers.

Having a hard time getting started with a weight loss plan?
Stop by our Diet Buddy Forum and get some advice at...
Diet Buddy Forum 

Have a great week everyone !!!

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a medical professional any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.
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