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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Kevin Nash's New Movie

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, June 20, 2007

JR & King Mistake, Superstars Moving Brands, More
Date Added: June 19, 2007
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: PWInsider.com

- Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross were very wrong when 
they stated on RAW last night that King Booker and Bobby 
Lashley have never been in the ring before. The two have 
worked numerous matches against each other, including the 
King of the Ring finals last year, which made the "King 
Booker" character. Another notable match featuring Lashley 
and Booker was the main event of No Mercy which was a fatal 
four way with Finlay and Batista in a steel cage match for 
the US Title. 

- The following matches are being promoted for the upcoming 
WWE house show in Prescott Valley, Arizona by the venue's 
official website: John Cena vs. Umaga (WWE Championship 
Match), Lashley vs. Randy Orton (ECW vs. RAW Match), Jeff 
Hardy vs. The Great Khali, and Santino Marella vs. Carlito 
(Intercontinental Championship Match). Obviously there 
isn't an ECW vs. RAW match now that Lashley is on RAW and 
The Great Khali has been transferred to SmackDown. 

- If there was any doubt that WWE wants the upcoming debut 
of Florida Championship Wrestling to be a success, the 
company is sending WWE Champion John Cena and Eugene to 
the event. The debut show is on June 26th in Tampa, Florida 
at the Dallas Bill. 


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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Kevin Nash's New Movie, Former WWE Talent On MadTV
Story By: Ryan Gray
Partial Source - PWInsider

Kevin Nash is in the new movie DOA Dead or Alive; he plays
a character called Base who is basically a wrestler that
is in competition. He is probably in the film about 20
minutes and sports a bad wig. Also, Mad TV has been playing
reruns featuring past WWE talent all week; they played
episodes with Eddie Guerrero, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret
Hart, and Sting... [Thanks to James DePaolo]

In addition to Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas, Tank Abbot, Rocky
Johnson, former WCW personality Miss Jones and former ECW
star and 3PW owner Jasmin St. Claire will appear in New
York City this weekend at the Big Apple Comic Convention.

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SmackDown! Main Event, WWE Diva/Fox Series Update
Story By: Steve Carrier

- The final rating for last week's edition of SmackDown
scored a 2.4 HH rating, with a 1.5 in M18-49, a 1.4 in
M18-34 and an average audience of 3.7 million viewers.

Friday Night Smackdown is averaging a 2.7 HH rating, with
a 1.9 in M18-49, a 2.0 in M18-34 and an average audience
of 4.4 million viewers.

- Yesterday in the New York Post, they featured an article 
on WWE Diva Lauren Jones. In the article, it mentions that 
she will be staring in "Anchorwoman" that will be a 
comedy/reality hybrid that will premiere on August 21st. 

The article then goes on to say that she is in her second 
week of filming and she is contracted to work for the 
station for only a month, while the reality show is being 

- They are running local television advertisements on Sky 
Sports 1 stating that this Friday on Smackdown the main 
event will feature Batista & Rick Flair vs. Edge & MVP. 

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                      Reader's Forum

I'd just like to talk about vince's death, from reading
what you have put and that your shocked that everyone
has fallen for it, that reading what it says on wwe, and
watching it live, i can see and understand why anyone
would believe, it having a minute silence aswel, i'm
hoping it is a fantastic storyline and i can't wait to
see what happens.

- sean

I don't remember anybody complaining when Rikishi ran over
Stone Cold with a car or when Stone Cold ran a semi into
the Rock's ambulance, but people think the "Vince's dead"
storyline is too over the top?  These people are just mad
they didn't see it coming and that they were just as
shocked as everybody else for a change.  In this day and
age, the fact that the angle didn't get leaked to ANY of
the online wrestling sites and Vince was able to truly
shock everyone for a change deserves some praise in my
opinion.  I agree that it's time that Vince got off the
screen for a while.  There's only so many times you can try
to recreate the feud he had with Stone Cold in the 90's
(HHH, DX, but Bobby Lashley - worst attempt of them all)
so his on-air character got killed off.  This should hope-
fully force the writers to think up some interesting story-
lines for a change.  Personally I'm loving every second of

- Memphis Wrestling Fan

Yea this whole storyline with vince is bs. its really sick
that someone would make everyone believe he is dead. they
need to honor sherri who really died. who knows what vince
does the things he does.

- nikki

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