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Publication: Diet Buddy
Jumping off that plateau!

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         Diet Buddy - Monday, September 4, 2006

Hello there Buddies:

I hope you're all having a great Labor Day weekend! Have
fun, be happy, and be safe.
So you've finally done it. You've watched what you've been 
eating, you're going for your daily walks or working out 
at the gym doing aerobics and using some weights. You've
FINALLY started to lose some of that nasty stubborn weight 
and things are looking good!!! 

You've been disciplined now for a few months doing a great
job, but wait a minute!, why aren't the numbers on that 
scale moving anymore?.....is it broke?.....what's going on?  
You've stopped losing weight and chances are you've hit 
that dreaded plateau like so many dieters do. 

It isn't anything that can't be corrected with some 
adjustments, but let's take a look at why after all this 
time of weight loss and doing everything right you've come 
to a screeching halt.

The first thing.....you may be consuming more calories than 
you think you are. Even if you have cut down quite a bit 
of your calorie intake, the amount of calories you are 
currently sticking to could possibly be just the right
amount to stay at your current weight loss dilemma.


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For example: That food intake of 1,800 calories a day you
started with helped you lose a certain amount of weight in 
the beginning, but now those 1,800 calories are the exact 
amount you need to maintain where you are, so your body 
thinks this is where I should be, I can stop losing now.

You have to be patient, (not one of my virtues), until 
your body adjusts to a lower metabolic rate and more than 
likely you will have to lower your calorie intake slightly 
to get the ball rolling again. As strange as it may sound 
but the cause of a plateau may be that you are actually 
doing well on your diet and you've just reached a certain 
point where you've been coasting along in a comfort zone.

Keep in mind that when you are losing weight, your 
metabolism will have a tendency to slow down because now
there is less of you to fuel, both at rest and during 

On the other hand, you may have lowered your calorie intake 
to a point under 1,200 calories and put yourself into 
starvation mode, which is when the body hangs on to every
pound because it thinks it's not getting enough food, 
causing again your metabolism to slow down.  Slow 
metabolism, slow or no weight loss.

You may have also slowed down with your exercise routine 
and/or your body has gotten use to it's current level of
activity, which means you will need to incorporate a 
different workout strategy as well.

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Whatever the case may be, your body has adjusted either to 
consuming fewer calories and/or your current exercise 
routine is no longer at it's peak. Time to shake things 
up a bit and challenge your body again.

Try following these tips:

-  Do not starve yourself
-  If you have been restricting calories too much, eat more.
   (Increase your calorie intake especially if you're eating
   under 1,200 calories a day).
-  If you've been eating three square meals a day, try 
   having four to six mini meals instead.
-  If you're at the gym try intensifying your workout and/or
   changing it around.
-  If you've been walking every day, try cycling one or two
   days instead.
-  Add weight lifting to your workout program two to three
   times a week, if you don't already do so, it will keep
   your metabolism running higher.
-  Try drinking more water, the more you drink, the less 
   your body feels a need to hold on to it.
-  Remember everyone hits a plateau, don't beat yourself up,
   be persistent and don't give up.

It is also important to realize that you will likely lose 
quite a bit more weight in the first few weeks after 
starting any kind of weight loss plan than you will later 
on. In the beginning what you are losing is a lot of water 
weight which is why it seems so much harder for the pounds 
to come off down the road.

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Be proud of the fact that you've made some healthy changes
for yourself. Your body is going through some adjustments
and needs time, so stick with it and keep going. Remember
in the long run you will be a healthier, happier and 
lighter you. 

Did You Know ???

That "focusing more on working out consistently rather 
than weight loss takes the pressure off the dieter to drop 
pounds while still achieving a goal they can easily reach. 
It is a great approach for overcoming weight loss plateaus 
that are considered one of the most common reasons for 
giving up a diet. Changing workout routines regularly will 
help avoid those dreaded plateaus and help keep you from 
getting bored." 

Have a great week everyone !!!  

Please take a moment to share your diet ups and downs in 
our new Diet Buddy Forum. We would love to hear from you 
at: http://archives.gophercentral.com/Forum.aspx?fid=5 

Disclaimer: Since I am not a medical professional, any 
statements in this column are strictly based on research I 
have done and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.
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