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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Joanie Laurer On Howard Stern Show

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, May 28, 2007

Recap Of Joanie Laurer On Howard Stern Show
Story By: Will Hengelbrok
(Recap Written by Ian)

Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer came in for an interview.
Howard immediately noted how much more feminine she looked 
compared to years past. Joanie said she is working out more 
but not lifting heavy like she use to. Artie then said she 
use to look more like Sly Stallone, now she looks like 
Frank Stallone. Howard then asked to see Joanie's breasts 
but she would not show them to him claming she wants to get 
a breast reduction now that she is getting older. 

Howard interviewed her about her February appearance on 
"Larry King Live" where she was seemingly out of control 
after the Trimspa CEO said she was not really a friend of 
Anna Nicole's. Joanie said she was friends enough with Anna 
to know that her life was very similar to Anna's and that 
the reason she seemed out of control then was because she 
was so upset and shocked by Anna's death. She went on to 
say that a lot of young Hollywood stars are falling into
that same trap and that if they don't stop they could wind 
up dead too. Joanie said Anna's death was her big wake up 
call to get her life in order again.

Howard then asked her about her family and her childhood. 
Joanie said she didn't get a long with her mother and 
hasn't spoken to her in years because she felt almost like 
an abandon child. Howard kept going on about her childhood 
and noted he wanted to make Joanie cry but Joanie would 
not budge.

Joanie then went on to promote "Illegal Aliens" which is 
in video stores everywhere and talked a little about the 
making of the film.

Joanie also mentioned she is doing some commercials for a 
Vegas Resort to earn a little more money saying that her 
past addictions caused her to run out of money. Howard 
noted Joanie seemed to be very sober today and Joanie said 
she does not drink any more. 

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More Details On Rob Conway's Release From WWE
Story By: Will Hengelbrok
Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rob Conway was clearly on borrowed time as he hadn't been 
used in months. Back in January, they did an angle where 
Vince McMahon fired him, and that was the end of him on 
the Raw brand. 

There was talk of him going to SmackDown to reform La 
Resistance, but his spot ended up going to Rene Dupree 
(for ECW), and then Dupree was suspended a few days after 
their debut, and that left Sylvan in limbo because they 
didn't hook Conway up with him. Conway had been coaching 
on his own as of late in OVW just to help out because he 
wasn't busy. There were some grumbles of him being fired 
because he was reliable and a good worker, and considering 
that Dupree was still in rehab, they were going to put La 
Résistance together as a heel team again in ECW if/when 
they introduce the tag team titles. 

Stephanie McMahon, who is responsible for firing him 
because she thought he was a "jobber for life," was 
actually really high on him when he debuted the "Doing 
things the Conway" gimmick two years ago. She thought he 
was going to be a major superstar. She even asked Shawn 
Michaels to mentor him because she thought he was going 
to be the next HBK. But when that gimmick didn't even get 
close to getting over (so much so that the term "Conway 
Pop" was coined, which is a reference to when a wrestler 
gets little to no reaction), they quickly lost confidence 
in him as he started losing nearly all of his matches, 
usually on the B-show Heat no less. 

When Johnny Ace called Conway to notify him that he was 
being let go, to avoid heat on himself because was the 
one making the phonecall, he told Conway that "creative 
had nothing for you." Usually that's the line used dating 
back to Jim Ross when they tell someone they're being let 
go. The only problem is that Conway had just been sent new 
ring gear by WWE's wardrobe division because the creative 
team had told them that they were going reunite Conway & 
Sylvan for La Résistance in a few weeks. 

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Update On Brock Lesnar's Return To Action
Story By: Will Hengelbrok

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is confirming that 
preliminary talks have started with FEG about potential 
new opponents for Brock Lesnar. Four names are possibly up 
for consideration, which are Tank Abbott, Ruben Villareal, 
Butterbean and James Thompson. 

Both Abbott or Butterbean would have the most marquee value 
as a possible "freak show" fight for the U.S. PPV audience. 
Thompson is a question mark because his own management and 
also because his Pride deal might get in the way. Tank 
Abbott has verbally said he would do the fight if asked. 

Bob Sapp is another name also under consideration but we've 
been able to confirm FEG has talked about those names today 
and done preliminary inquiries about them. 

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                      Reader's Forum

lets start with Cena, people need to just leave well enuff
alone, he is a young guy and doing well for himself, i
actually think he is good, we all bitch and moan about
McMahon blah blah blah, i have been watching wrestling for
40 years and it has been the same forever !!i love it, its
my soap opera!!!! the only thing that i cant stand right
now is EDGE!!!! what the hell do they do with him adn
always letting him cheat to get ahead, the writers need
to do something else with him, i cant stomach him, his
character or anything about him,and now AGAIN he cheats
and takes the money in the bank away from Kennedy! i just
don't understand why they write his character to be able
to be a scum bag, he hides outside the ring and comes in
after its all said and done in royals, i just don't
understand!!! to end when i see Edge is going to be on, i
change the channel till he's gone, Hate em

- Michael from LYnn, Ma

come on people get a grip edge sucks the only way edge can
win a belt is waiting til the person is wore down then he
takes advantage. the undertaker with return and regain the

- buzz51

Let me weigh in on the subject of the boss being the ECW
champ. Pass the Folgers around to the writers PLEASE. Wake
up. You hoped for controversy by writing the Vince as champ
story-line what you got aside from egg on your collective
faces is a major turn off to the fans. Talk about "jumping
the shark" bone head story line. If I were a writer for a
day, I would have Bobby Lashley stand in the ring on mic.
and tell Vince that he isn't interested in pursuing the
ECW championship any longer. Based on him wearing it and
resorting to first handicapped matches to hang on to the
belt, then punking out on losing the ppv title loss. The
ECW belt is nothing of value or desir as long as V. Macmahon
wears it. Oooooh, a street fight match for the belt, big
deal. what would winning the belt in any type of match mean
by beating the boss for it. He'll lose it when he's tired
of all the air time. Give the belt to Linda, or Stephanie,
or even your grandchild Vince. It'll have the same taint
to it. 

- Ben

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