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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Jerry Lawler Assault Charge

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update On Jerry Lawler Assault Charge 
Story By: Niel Stephens

Jerry Lawler was officially served with court papers 
regarding Sal Corrente's assault charges against him. 

Lawler will have to report to court on August 1st in 
response to the charges against him. Lawler has apparently 
made light of the situation in recent appearances on 
Memphis Wrestling, reports PWInsider.com. 

Within these recent appearances he has even brought back 
former Memphis-area manager Scott Bowdren with the story-
line being that Corrente, who departed the company 
immediately after the incident, had sent Bowdren after 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

WWE Wants Former Superstar Back, Khali/Batista, More 
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE attempted to get Yoshihiro Tajiri back, but as of right 
now he has no interest in returning with the company. 

The Khali vs. Batista dark match that took place at the 
SmackDown/ECW tapings two weeks ago (in New Orleans) was 
only a coincidence. Edge was originally scheduled to take 
on Batista, but with him being injured Khali had to fill 
in. Many thought this was an attempt to get the two in the 
ring before the Great American Bash. 

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TNA Talent To WWE, Stress Wearing On McMahon 
Story By: Ryan Gray
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The stress over the last few weeks is said to be really 
showing on Vince McMahon. In the past, Vince hasn't let 
many things bother him, but with the recent media attention 
on WWE and steroids along with the Benoit tragedy, he has 
had almost all he can handle. 

John Laurinaitis has brought up Lane Hoyt's name many 
times to upper management. Hoyt has called WWE headquarters 
and informed them that he can get out of TNA without a 

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                      Reader's Forum

Since the sudden death of this great wrestler. I'd like to 
know if steroids will be banned in the professional World 
of Wrestling? I think they she be banned and personnel 
tested as in football and baseball. There is no need for 
people to roid out. We have lost so many people because of 
this and I think something should be done. Has anybody ever 
thought about this? I think those who test positive should 
be identified and dealt with so they can be sharp again. 
There is enough entertainment in the ring and the wrestlers 
should act as a professional. 
- John 

Let's all start getting our facts from the National 
Examiner, or other grocery store tabloids, lets do away 
with police investigations. 
I would like to see a moratorium on Benoit's story until 
all the forensics, lab test, toxicology reports etc are in. 
None of us walked in Chris' shoes none of us know what his 
demons were. 
Let's talk about something else. how about if we start 
gripping about the incredulous story lines again. in other 
words, it's time to move on. 
- Ben 

I just wondered why none of the wrestlers eccept two showed 
up for Nancy Benoit's services. I've heard you all are like 
family. Nancy's family needed support. 

- Your Devoted Fan Melissa In Ohio 

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