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Publication: Internet Tutor
System Restore

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                    THE INTERNET TUTOR
                     November 2, 2006 

This week...
- Webmaster Tip: Remove the Dashes
- Surfin' the Web: Cheeseburgers
- Software Spotlight: Cookie Viewer
- The Oddball Wall: All in the Family
- Computer Tip: System Restore
We've got a new puppy that likes to climb. When I take a nap I 
like to lay on the couch and watch TV (nothing puts me to sleep 
faster than television), and when I do, the puppy often climbs 
up onto the back of the couch so she can sleep by my head.

I woke up this afternoon to a puppy standing on my face! It seems 
she decided it was time for me to get up, and she stood on my 
face with her front paws and sniffed my eyeballs. Why she'd want 
to sniff my eyeballs I'm not sure, maybe she can smell if they 
are awake?
Anyway, it was kind of cute of her...in a sort of annoying way. 
What sort of cute things does your puppy do? Think about it, 
it'll make ya feel good. :)

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Okay folks, if you are a lover of the classic Amos 'N Andy
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episodes contained in this brilliant collection, but also
all of the radio shows, as well as the feature "Check and
Double Check".

Amos 'N Andy will never be run on television again due to
political correctness, but this is a piece of television
history and probably one of the funniest shows ever aired.
This collection was lovingly restored by archivists and now
can be yours for only $64.99... Less than $1 per episode, not
even counting the 300+ radio shows included. Order your DVD 
collection today, you will treasure it forever. 

Amos n' Andy Complete DVD Collection

WEBMASTER TIP - Remove the Dashes
Note: In code examples I add a period after each left arrow
bracket so the code can be viewed in all e-mail programs. If 
you copy and paste, be sure to remove the periods or it won't 
Question: I remember reading how to removed the dashed lines 
from around image links somewhere, but don't remember where. 
Can you tell me how to do that?
Simon Says: In some browsers when you click a link you'll see 
a rectangle of dashed lines around the image or text that is 
the link. This was meant to be a user helper, indicating that 
the link was activated. This is especially useful on forms that 
can take a while to process. It often prevents people from 
clicking again and again andsending multiple emails or sending 
extra orders for a product when only one was wanted.
However, it often isn't necessary for image links, and the 
dashed lines don't go away even if you return to the page from 
the one you clicked to go to. You can even reload the page and 
the dashed lines remain until the user clicks the cursor on 
another place. This is because the "focus" remains on the link 
that was clicked.
A little bit of JavaScript can take care of that for you. The 
lines will appear as the link is clicked, then disappear. To 
remove the focus from one link, add:
...to the link. For example:
<.a href="http://www.ebookfarming.com" onClick="this.blur()">
That's all there is to it, but that only fixes one link. If you 
want the same thing to happen on all the links on your page, it 
might be easier to add the onClick command to your body tag 
instead, and you won't have to add it to your links:
<.body onClick="this.blur()">
Note: Sometimes when this command is placed in the body tag it 
can cause unforeseen problems in some browsers, depending on 
what other code (especially other JavaScript) is in the page. 
Be sure to test it thoroughly if you use it in the body tag.

 "My friend told me about Netflix and I Love It!.. It's like
  getting a gift a couple of times a week." - Becky

Check out Netflix and see why now is the time to join:

    - Only $5.99 a month.   
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Join Becky and thousands of others who love Netflix. It's
easy, affordable and fast... Get more info and browse the 
more than 65,000 titles by visiting: check out Netflix

SURFIN' THE WEB - Cheeseburgers
I must admit it, I like cheeseburgers. Of course, so do millions 
of other people, so what's up with a site about cheeseburgers?
Well, you can learn about the world's largest or the world's 
smallest cheeseburger, complete with photos; or learn where cows 
drink beer and receive regular hand massages to help produce 
tender meat, but the real worth of this site, to a cheeseburger 
loving desk jockey like me, is in the recipes.
Some don't sound good at all to me, but might to you, like the 
chocolate cheeseburger or the sweet honey cheeseburger, for 
However, I am looking forward to trying the Bisquick Cheese-
burger Pie, the Garlic & Onion Cheeseburger, and believe or not, 
the Cola Cheeseburger.

          GopherCentral's Question of the Week: 
             Should smoking be made illegal?
 Please share your opinion, visit: The Question of the Week

Whether you realize it or not, unless you have a new computer 
you probably have hundreds, or even thousands of "cookies" on 
your computer placed there by the sites you've visited.
Cookies are small text files stored on the hard disk of your 
computer. Sometimes they're good for you to have, they can do 
beneficial things like remember your login information on a 
favorite site. Sometimes they are useless to you, but helpful 
to the web site owner.
Cookie Viewer makes it easy for you to view what's in these 
cookies and to delete the unwanted ones, backup and restore 
cookies, and even has a simple Find option.
Note: I do not provide support for the featured software. Contact 
the software vendor for support. No warranty is made or implied 
as to the usefulness or appropriateness of featured software.

Let Us Help Your Child... 

Normal Price: $19.99
OUR PRICE: $2.99

We're very excited and proud to offer 'The Stepping Stones'
DVD series. This series is designed for children 3 to 9
and will help them with their basic math skills. In fact,
it will improve their skills - guaranteed. 

A one-of-a-kind DVD collection, The Stepping Stones series 
makes learning fun. This DVD series is a MUST. In fact, we 
are so committed to getting these DVDs into every child's 
hands, we've priced them WELL BELOW retails. You would pay 
up to $19.99 for a single DVD of this series, but we've made 
them affordable at just $2.99 each. Check them out at: 

Stepping Stones DVD Collection

THE ODDBALL WALL - All in the Family
On this day in 1980, Edith Bunker dies on CBS's "All in the 
Family" sitcom. This show that came close to being cancelled 
in its first year went on to become the number one rated 
sitcom for 5 straight years.
1) What killed Edith Bunker, played by Jean Stapleton, who 
wanted to be phased out of the series?
a. car accident   b. cancer   c. stroke
2) Archie finally achieved his dream of owning his own business 
when he bought a bar and renamed it Archie's Place. What was 
the name of the bar before he bought it?
a. Kelcy's Bar   b. Cunningham's Bar   c. The Sit-n-Sip Suds 
3) The last verse of the show's theme song went like this:
Didn't need no welfare state,
Everybody pulled his weight.
Gee our old ____ ran great.
Those were the days.
Fill in the blank, what was it that ran great?
a. LaSalle   b. Bel Air   c. morale

4) What was Archie's favorite derogatory nickname to call his 
live-in son-in-law, Mike Stivic?
a. Doughboy   b. Meathead   c. Lazy Mary
5) Next door neighbor Louise was one of Edith's closest friends, 
and her husband George ran a small-dry cleaning store. What was 
Louise and George's last name?
a. Wilson   b. Jefferson   c. Hanson

6) A unique "noise" was heard for the first time on American 
prime time television on All in the Family. What was this noise?
a. someone passing gas   b. squeaky bed springs   c. a toilet 
7) Archie and Edith's easy-chairs were an integral part of the 
show. Where are these chairs now?
a. The Hollywood Television and Movie Prop Museum
b. rotting in the Los Angeles County landfill
c. Smithsonian National Museum of American History

8) In a  stroke of genius , what network 
rejected All in the Family before CBS accepted it for production?
a. ABC   b. NBC   c. Fox
And now for a question that sure to fog you over...
9) All in the Family was based on a British television series. 
Which series was the inspiration for the show?
a. Rising Damp   b. Till Death Do Us Part   c. Archibald and 

Answers below, here's the scoring:
9 correct: Perfection!
7-8 correct: Outstanding
5-6 correct: Very Good
2-4 correct: Fairly Fair
0-1 correct: Turn the TV off
1) c. stroke
2) a. Kelcy's Bar
3) a. LaSalle
4) b. Meathead
5) b. Jefferson
6) c. a toilet flushing
7) c. Smithsonian National Museum of American History
8) a. ABC
9) b. Till Death Do Us Part


COMPUTER TIPS - System Restore
After receiving numerous questions on Windows XP System Restore
feature, I realized there's a lot of people that know very little
about this aspect of their operating systems.
To write anything approaching a good treatise of System Restore 
would require more space than I can devote to this column, so 
I've done the next best thing. I've found an excellent and 
authoritative article online that someone else has already written.
Read all about it here:
Disclaimer: Advice in this column is presented as informational
and is true to the best of my knowledge. Any decisions to follow
this advice is your responsibility. Your computer, your choice.

Until next week, ponder these words of G.K. Chesterton: There 
is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real 
great man is the man who makes every man feel great.
Have an interesting day, Simon

Questions? Comments? Email me at: tutor@gophercentral.com

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