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Publication: Internet Tutor
Surge Protectors & UPS Units

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                    THE INTERNET TUTOR
                       May 25, 2006 

This week...
- Webmaster Tip: Short Quotations
- Surfin' the Web: The Death Psychic
- Software Spotlight: Sit Stay Fetch
- The Oddball Wall: The Brady Bunch
- Computer Tip: Surge Protectors & UPS Units
At my granddaughter's baptism, my 2 1/2 year old grandson 
wanted to show my wife his striped socks. My wife looked at 
them and said they were nice, then said, "shh...we have to 
be quiet as a mouse."
"A mouse?" my grandson boomed in the middle of the ceremony.
A lot of the women thought he spotted a mouse, and you could 
see they were clearly nervous as their eyes darted about 
searching the floor. 
Maybe you had to be there...but it was funny!

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WEBMASTER TIP - Short Quotations
Note: In code examples I add a period after each left arrow
bracket so the code can be viewed in all e-mail programs. 
If you copy and paste, be sure to remove the periods or it 
won't work.
Question: How can I separate a short quotation from the body 
text without using blockquotes?
Simon Says: Use the <.q> tag. The "q" is short for quotation, 
and is actually intended for short quotations.

The "q" tag doesn't actually do anything on it's own. Like a 
division tag, it only does something different to the text 
when you add some CSS to it. Here's an example:
<.q style="margin: 20px; border: solid black 1px; padding: 
This is your quotation text.

When I wrote that this was meant for short quotation, I meant 
it. It's meant to used on quotations no longer than one line. 
After the first line the formatting is lost.
In the above example, if you used a longer quotation so that 
the text wrapped to a second line, the border would be drawn 
around each line of text separately and the margin would be 
lost on the second line. 
If you need to quote something that is two or more lines, 
just take the style portion of the code above and add it to 
a paragraph tag. If you're quoting more than one paragraph, 
you'll need to use two <.br> tags to equal one paragraph 
tag, because if you use another paragraph tag you'll lose 
the style formatting.
Simple? Yes!

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SURFIN' THE WEB - The Death Psychic
After haggling over the price of meat, an enraged butcher 
whips me to death with a large beef tongue.
Well, that's how The Death Psychic predicts I'm going to 
die. Flankly, I'm udderly moo-ved to tears by the thought, 
I cudn't think of a worse way to go out to pasture.
My wife is predicted to fall into an open manhole and sink 
beneath the thick sewage. Okay, I guess that's worse. The 
poor thing.
I'm sure glad this site is just for fun, so when you visit 
The Death Psychic to see how you're going to die, remember 
that - it's just for fun - it's not real! Okay? Okay!


          GopherCentral's Question of the Week
Should the Mexican government pay healthcare costs for the 
11 million illegal immigrants from Mexico?
 Please share your opinion, visit: The Question of the Week


My wife and I got a new puppy, but this one is a little 
slower to learn than previous pups we've had. While we 
don't mind taking longer to teach things like "sit" and 
"shake" hands, we weren't too keen on it taking longer to 
housebreak and to stop chewing things up.

We needed help, and being an internet kinda guy, I went 
online to find help. I tried a few ebooks and mailing lists, 
but the best by far is SitStayFetch.
The newsletters are just too slow. I'd only recommend them 
if you plan on getting a dog someday and can wait for months 
and months while the information trickles in a little at a 
The SitStayFetch ebook is just what we were looking for. We 
were able to housebreak this stubborn puppy within days. 
We even combined a little ingenuity of our own with the 
principles outlined in this ebook and taught our pup to ring 
a bell hanging from the back door when she needs to go potty. 
Cool -- tinkle to go tinkle! 
With the info in this ebook, we could start our own dog 
training service -- it's that good. Learn to train your dog 
like a professional trainer today.
Whether you want to teach your old dog new tricks or train 
a puppy up right from the beginning, I highly recommend this 
ebook. Skip the free newsletter and go right for the goodies!
Note: I do not provide support for the featured software. 
Contact the software vendor for support. No warranty is 
made or implied as to the usefulness or appropriateness of 
featured software.

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THE ODDBALL WALL - The Brady Bunch
On this day in 1977, the last "Brady Bunch Hour" episode 
airs. There were only nine episodes. Confused? The Brady 
Bunch Hour is not the same as The Brady Bunch sitcom series. 
ABC was trying to ride the popularity of "Donny & Marie," a 
hit variety show with Donnie and Marie Osmond, but the Brady 
Bunch Hour didn't catch on.
It's a good excuse to have a little trivia about the Brady 
1) Everyone knows there were six Brady children. Two of the 
girls were named Marcia and Jan. What was the character name 
of the third girl?
a. Amy   b. Nancy   c. Cindy
2) Two of the boys were named Greg and Bobby. What was the 
character name of the third boy?
a. Peter   b. Danny   c. Rodney
3) What character did Ann B. Davis play?
a. Carol Brady   b. Alice Nelson   c. Carol Brady's sister 
4) The Brady Bunch was created by the same person that created
Gilligan's Island. Who is that?
a. Sherman Peabody   b. Sherwood Schwartz   c. Carl Reiner

5) The characters Mike and Carol Brady were both previously 
married before they married each other and combined their 
families to create the Brady Bunch. Mike's first wife died. 
What happened to Carol's first husband?
a. He died too   b. They divorced   c. It was never explained
6) The maid Alice had a boyfriend that appeared on the show 
frequently over the 5-year run of the show. What was his name?
a. Sam   b. Charlie   c. Floyd

7) After The Brady Bunch ended, several TV shows and movies 
were developed in an attempt to recapture the popularity of 
the original show. Which title below was NOT one of the 
follow up projects? 
a. The Brady Brides   b. Brady or Not   c. The Brady Kids

8) Okay, I'm feeling doggone generous so I'll give you an 
easy one. What was the name of the Brady's shaggy dog?
a. Ruff   b. Shaggy   c. Tiger

The generosity ends, here's a question sure make you meow-
9) The Brady girls originally had a cat, but it was only 
seen in the pilot episode and was gone by the second 
episode. What was the name of this one-show cat?
a. Fluffy   b. Dotty Dot   c. Snowball
Bonus Question: The Brady kids sang the shows theme song in 
all but the first year. Who sang the theme song for the 
first year?
a. The Partridge Family
b. The Peppermint Trolley Company
c. The Bubblegum Machine

Answers below, here's the scoring:
9 correct: Perfection!
7-8 correct: Outstanding
5-6 correct: Very Good
2-4 correct: Fairly Fair
0-1 correct: Turn the TV off.
1) c. Cindy
2) a. Peter
3) b. Alice Nelson
4) b. Sherwood Schwartz
5) c. It was never explained
6) a. Sam
7) b. Brady or Not
8) c. Tiger
9) a. Fluffy
Bonus Question: b. The Peppermint Trolley Company


COMPUTER TIPS - Surge Protectors & UPS Units
Surge protectors allow you to plug in several components into 
one strip of outlets. That's handy, but not the most important 
function of a surge protector.
If you experience a surge in electrical power, the surge pro-
tector helps protect your sensitive computer and components. 
I've used a surge protector for years, but only recently did 
the value hit home for me.
We received a power surge, and my surge protector blew out, 
but, the surge protector keep my computer safe. I lost a 
$100.00 UPS unit, but my $2,000 computer was undamaged.
A UPS unit is short for Uninterupted Power Supply. It functions 
as a surge protector, but also kicks in with battery power if 
the power goes out, giving you ample time to save your work 
and shut down your computer safely.
If you're not using a surge protector or UPS unit with your 
computer, I strongly urge you to buy one. It saved a $2,000 
computer for me just a few weeks ago. You can learn more about 
surge protectors and UPS units from this excellent and 
informative article:
Disclaimer: Advice in this column is presented as infor-
mational and is true to the best of my knowledge. Any 
decisions to follow this advice is your responsibility. 
Your computer, your choice.

Until next week, ponder these words of Stephen Hawking: Why 
does the universe go to all the bother of existing?
Have an interesting day, Simon

Questions? Comments? Email me at: tutor@gophercentral.com

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