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Publication: Internet Tutor
Seven Success Tips

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                    THE INTERNET TUTOR
                      June 22, 2006


This week...

- Webmaster Tip: Seven Success Tips
- Surfin' the Web: GreenBiz.com
- Software Spotlight: PC Pandora
- The Oddball Wall: Sweetness
- Computer Tip: Add Notes to Files

I was going to interview a streetcar conductor for this 
issue, but his train of thought kept derailing. So then 
I thought I'd interview a ballerina, but that proved tutu 
difficult. So I talked to the cleaner at a lumber mill, 
but he saw dust and got board. After that I decided to 
interview myself...

Simon: Hello me, if you could interview anyone in the world, 
       who would it be?

Simon: Apparently me.

Simon: I agree, I'm very interesting.

Simon: Not only that but I wouldn't ask me any embarrassing 
       questions, like, why am I doing this?

Simon: Right. ...so why am I doing this?

Simon: Because the oil baron was too crude, the yardstick 
       manufacturer didn't measure up, the propane salesman 
       was totally gassed, the lifeguard was all wet, and 
       the politician was two-faced, so I'm saving that one 
       for television.

        "Absolutely Priceless" - Rolling Stone
      "Freshly Irreverent" - The New York Times
     "Pertinent, Personal, Outrageous" - Playboy

Before Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and George Carlin there 
was LENNY BRUCE. To this day he is considered to be 
America's most controversial comedian.

In this brilliant DVD you'll see Lenny in what would be his 
second-to-last performance. Historic and still timely today, 
it's a no-holds-barred performance that includes some of 
his famous stand-up bits including prison riot with Dutch, 
the warden, Father Flotski and more. It's the ONLY full-
length unedited film of Lenny.

See why critics hail this as THE Lenny Bruce performance to 
own. Get it today and SAVE $5.00 by visiting: 

Rare Lenny Bruce Complete Performance DVD

WEBMASTER TIP - Seven Success Tips

Note: In code examples I add a period after each left arrow 
bracket so the code can be viewed in all e-mail programs. 
If you copy and paste, be sure to remove the periods or it 
won't work.

Question: I've seen so much long-winded advice on building 
web sites my head is spinning. Can you offer a short list of 
the most important considerations for building a successful 
web site?

Simon Says: How success is defined depends on your goals for 
the site, and hence, the considerations can differ from site 
to site. I will give you what I consider to be the very 
basics, things that should be common to anyone interested in 
having a quality web site regardless of what the goal for 
the site is. That doesn't guarantee success, though.

1) The most important thing is quality content. The second 
most important thing is original quality content. Your 
content must be informative, entertaining, useful, or in 
some other way worth your visitor's time.

2) Intuitive and consistent navigation. People must be able 
to get around your site with ease. No page should be more 
than two or three clicks away from your home page. If you 
choose to use contrived link names, provide a description of 
what's on the page that follows, don't make them guess. A 
well organized site takes advanced planning, don't skip the 
boring details because you're in a hurry to get started.

3) A pleasing appearance helps set the mood before any words 
have been read. The color scheme should be appealing without 
being loud. There should be good contrast between the text 
and background color (or image if you must). Graphics should 
be used to complement the content, and should never dominate 
it unless the site is about graphics.

4) Keep your file sizes down to avoid slow load time. Like-
wise, use a quality host that can serve up pages with the 
response time visitors demand today. Optimize your graphics, 
and keep the page length to 4-5 screen lengths or less.

5) Make your web site HTML compliant so it can be viewed in 
all browsers. Avoid using cutting edge technology or any 
technology that requires the user to download a plugin to 
view it correctly.

6) Utilize white space. White space is the "blank areas" of 
a web page. It's the extra line between paragraphs, the 
margin on the edges, etc. White space is a rest place for 
the eyes. Newspapers are designed with narrow columns 
because it make it easier for the eyes to go from line to 
line as people read, so keep your lines of text to an easy 
to read length.

Use plenty of paragraphs as well. A paragraph that never 
seems to end usually gets skipped unless the content is 
exceptionally compelling. Using headings and sub-headings 
also adds white space and allows your visitors to skim the 
page to determine if the content is of interest.

7) Be honest and ethical, don't exaggerate and avoid hype. 
Credibility is key to success online. Those who blow their 
credibility by excess hype and obvious exaggeration are 
dooming their efforts from the start.

My cousin has an ebook with 30 web site success tips, as 
well as dozens of other cool tips and tools. You can check 
it out here:


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Now is your chance to save hundreds of dollars per year on
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Diabetic Survey

SURFIN' THE WEB - GreenBiz.com

Because traditional energy sources like oil and coal harm 
the environment, many people are looking into green energy. 
Green energy comes from the sun, wind, water, the burning 
of organic matter, and the heat of the Earth.

The idea is to leave behind as small of an ecological foot-
print as possible to help keep the earth's ecology in good 
condition. Many think it may be too late, but it's never 
too late to learn more, and in doing so, perhaps you'll 
learn to be more earth friendly as well.

The GreenBiz.com Toolbox provides excellent overviews on 
topics like alternative energy, recycling, energy efficiency, 
water conservation, green building, environmentally friendly 
cleaning products and more.

The rest of the site is informative as well, offering a 
plethora of resources for those concerned about this big, 
blue planet we ride through space on.



           GopherCentral's Question of the Week: 

              Is the war in Iraq going well?

 Please share your opinion, visit: The Question of the Week



Wonder what your kids are doing online? What kind of sites 
they visit? Who they're talking with? Who might have some-
thing bad in mind for them? According to Family Safe Media, 
the largest group of viewers of adult content is children 
between the ages of 12 and 17. It doesn't even have to be 
intentional, 40,000 expired domains were bought by adult 
sites to hijack unsuspecting visitors to their site.

Federal authorities believe that at least 500,000 to 750,000 
predators are on-line on a daily basis, constantly combing 
through blog sites, crawling around in Internet chat rooms 
and on-line dating services, pretending to be someone and 
something they're not.

Detective Keith Ackerman estimates that one in five 
children who use internet chat rooms have been approached 
by ped0philes. One in five!

If you can't watch your child every minute he or she is 
online, you need to take measures to make sure they are 
safe. It's your responsibility. PC Pandora automatically 
records screen content, keystrokes, running programs, 
web sites visited, emails, chats, MSN messenger, Yahoo 
messenger, AOL messenger, ICQ and more...allowing you to 
review your child's activities and safeguard your precious 

It also can be used to block access to dangerous web sites. 
You owe it to your child to keep them safe. You can do it 
secretly with PC Pandora, or better yet in my mind, inform 
them that you will be monitoring their online activity for 
their own safety so they aren't even tempted to explore 
danger zones.


Note: I do not provide support for the featured software. 
Contact the software vendor for support. No warranty is 
made or implied as to the usefulness or appropriateness of 
featured software.

John Cleese - Wine For The Confused...

Join John Cleese as he tours through California's
wine country for a thoroughly entertaining, informative
and ALWAYS amusing look at the world of winemaking.

Not only will you have a great time, you'll discover:

    - How to find wines that taste good to you
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    - How to keep and serve wine at home

Includes DVD Extras and more. Plus, we'll save you
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John Cleese - Wine For The Confused DVD


On this day in 1847, the doughnut was invented. Isn't that 
sweet! Speaking of sweet, today's quiz is about all things 

1) The band Sweet had a Top Ten hit in 1973 with this song.
a. Little Willy   b. Ballroom Blitz   c. Fox on the Run

2) Which of the following sweet schools is a real college?
a. Sweet Briar College
b. Sweet Street College
c. Sweet William College of Horticulture

3) Which of the following is a worldwide organization of 
women singers committed to advancing the musical art form 
of barbershop harmony?
a. Sweet Sisters of Harmony
b. Sweet Adelines
c. Sweet World Voices

4) Cotton Candy was introduced at the St. Louis Worlds Fair 
in 1904 by William Morrison and John Wharton. What did they 
originally call their sugary confection?
a. Fairy Floss   b. Candy Spider Webs   c. Angel Hair

5) What American song has the line "Sweet Land of Liberty" 
in it?
a. America the Beautiful   b. God Bless America   c. America

6) The sweetgum tree is known by several names. Which of the 
following is NOT one of the names for the sweetgum tree?
a. star-leaved gum   b. alligator-wood   c. rubber tree

7) This Grammy Award-winning African American female a 
cappella ensemble was formed in 1973.
a. Sweet Soul Singers
b. Sweet Sisters of Song
c. Sweet Honey in the Rock

8) Which of the following is a real US city?
a. Sweet Home, Oregon
b. Sweet Home, Alabama
c. Sweet Apple, Connecticut

And now for a sticky sweet question that won't give you 

9) How many gallons of tree sap does it take to make one 
gallon of maple syrup?
a. 20 gallons   b. 40 gallons   c. 60 gallons

Answers below, here's the scoring:

9 correct: Perfection!
7-8 correct: Outstanding
5-6 correct: Very Good
2-4 correct: Fairly Fair
0-1 correct: Turn the TV off


1) b. Ballroom Blitz (Willy - 1972; Fox - 1975)
2) a. Sweet Briar College
3) b. Sweet Adelines
4) a. Fairy Floss
5) c. America
6) c. rubber tree
7) c. Sweet Honey in the Rock
8) a. Sweet Home, Oregon
9) b. 40 gallons


COMPUTER TIPS - Add Notes to Files
Windows has a little known feature that allows you to add 
notes to various files. For example, you might have a picture 
of your family reunion that includes relatives you seldom 
see. In 10 years will you remember all their names, or what 
year the reunion occurred? By adding a note to your pic you 
could fill in those details.
How about that text you copied from a web site into a text 
file? You could add the URL where you found it and the 
author's name, etc.
Here's all you have to do to add notes to files:
1) Open Windows Explorer and locate the file you want to 
2) Right-click the file and choose Properties.
3) In Windows XP, select the Summary tab. In older versions, 
select the Custom tab.
4) Type in your comments in the Comments box. You can also 
add a Title, Subject, Author, and Keywords to aid in system 
5) Click Apply.
Note: if the text boxes are blanked out, uncheck the "read 
only" file attribute on General tab and click Apply. Close 
the Properties dialog and reopen it and the text boxes 
should be ready for your input.
Note II: there's also a category text box, but that's always 
blanked out on my system. I haven't tried very hard to clear 
it so I could enter text, but there's probably a way if you 
want to try to find it.
Disclaimer: Advice in this column is presented as infor-
mational and is true to the best of my knowledge. Any 
decisions to follow this advice is your responsibility. Your 
computer, your choice.

Until next week, ponder these words of Coleman Cox: Now that 
it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth 
Have an interesting day, Simon

Questions? Comments? Email me at: tutor@gophercentral.com

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Copyright 2006 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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