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Publication: Internet Tutor
CSS Basics, conclusion.

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                    THE INTERNET TUTOR
                     January 25, 2007
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This week...
- Webmaster Tip: CSS Basics, conclusion
- Surfin' the Web: Daily Source
- Software Spotlight: eLibrary
- The Oddball Wall: Odd Facts
- Computer Tip: Bypass CD Autoplay
We had some freezing rain overnight, then a little snow on 
top of it that hid the ice. After backing out of the garage 
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I didn't pull back into the garage, I stopped in the driveway 
so I could let the truck warm up while I went back inside. I 
stepped out of my truck on the snow-covered ice and my feet 
went right out from under me lickety-split!
I'm usually pretty coordinated, but there was no way to stop 
this fall. The first thing that hit was my head, on the step 
bumper of the truck. Then I bounced onto the ground.
The first thing my wife asked was if I hurt the truck. That 
woman is so crazy about me she's even concerned about my 
truck - what a gal!

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WEBMASTER TIP - CSS Basics, conclusion
Note: In code examples I add a period after each left arrow
bracket so the code can be viewed in all e-mail programs. If 
you copy and paste, be sure to remove the periods or it won't 
To conclude three-part series on the basics of CSS, I'll show 
you how to apply CSS in three different ways available.
- Inline -
Using inline CSS is similar to coding an attribute and value 
into an HTML tag. Here's an example of an inline style rule.
<.p style="color: red; font-size: 13px; font-weight: bold;">

The above style rule would change the text in the paragraph 
to the color red, the text would be 13 pixels tall, and it 
would be bold. It's a simple <.p> tag with a style rule added.
Using inline CSS only affects the HTML element that it's 
coded into. If you wanted to repeat that style in another 
paragraph, you'd have to code that style into another para-
graph tag.
- Embedded -
Embedded style rules are placed in the HEAD section of page. 
If we placed the following code:
<.style type="text/css">
p {color: red; font-size: 13px; font-weight: bold;}

...it would do the same thing as that previous inline style 
example, only every paragraph of text would be affected, you 
wouldn't have to code it into each paragraph tag.

- External -
External style rules work the same as embedded styles in that 
a rule in an external style sheet affects every HTML element 
on a page, it's just the style rules are kept in a separate 
file. The advantage of that is you can change the external 
file and have that change reflected on every page of your 
site that uses the external style sheet. You don't have to 
edit each page, just change the one external style sheet and 
bingo, you've made a site-wide change.
To create an external style sheet using the same rule for a 
paragraph as the previous example, just place the middle line 
of code into a new text file and save it as "something.css" - 
where "something" is any name you choose, just be sure to save 
it with the ".css" extension.
To call the external style sheet into use in a page you only 
need to link to it in the HEAD section of the page. Here's how:
<.link rel="stylesheet" href="something.css" type="text/css">
Where I have "something.css" you need to use the actual name 
you gave your external style sheet, and if you keep it in a 
different folder than your HTML pages you need to include the 
correct server path.
There are a multitude of different things you can do with CSS, 
it's just a matter of learning what the options are and how to 
code them. Here's a great CSS reference chart that will show 
you many of the options CSS offers:

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SURFIN' THE WEB - Daily Source
Daily Source is a non-profit news site whose editors search 
leading news sites around the world daily to bring you the 
best in news, columns, features, editorials, photos, videos, 
and more in a clean format with no advertising.
No advertising...in case you missed that.
If you choose to register (free) you can customize the front 
page. There are some other nice features too, but I'll let 
you learn about them on your own.



          GopherCentral's Question of the Week:

   Do you think America is ready for a female President?

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Only one fact is true for each item below. Your challenge is 
to pick out the true one from the ones I made up.
1) Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny) was:
a. allergic to carrots
b. afraid of rabbits
c. wore rabbit ears when he did the voice of Bugs
2) The most common name in the world is:
a. John   b. Wang   c. Mohammed
3) The average person falls asleep in:
a. 3 minutes   b. 7 minutes   c. 15 minutes
4) A pregnant goldfish is called a:
a. guppy   b. twit   c. popper
5) The percentage of Americans that prefer their toilet tissue 
to unwind over the spool, not under it, is:
a. 68%   b. 42%   c. 31%
6) It takes seven muscles to smile, but ___ muscles to frown.
a. 15   b. 33   c. 48
7) A sneeze can travel as fast as:
a. 25 mph   b. 57 mph   c. 100 mph

8) World wide, lightning strikes the earth ___ times per second.
a. 3   b. 50   c. 100
And now for one that's sure to help you count your blessings...
9) One-fourth of the world's population lives on less than:
a. $5,000 a year   b. $1,000 a year   c. $200 a year

Answers below, here's the scoring:
9 correct: Perfection!
7-8 correct: Outstanding
5-6 correct: Very Good
2-4 correct: Fairly Fair
0-1 correct: Turn the TV off
1) a. Mel Blanc was allergic to carrots.
2) c. Mohammed
3) b. 7 minutes
4) b. twit
5) a. 68%
6) b. 33
7) c. 100 mph
8) c. 100 times per second
9) c. $200 a year


COMPUTER TIPS - Bypass CD Autoplay

Some CD's and DVD's come with the autoplay feature. When you 
put in the disk and close the CD tray, the program auto-
matically starts. Sometimes that's nice, sometimes it's a 
To stop Windows from automatically playing a CD, hold the SHIFT 
key down when you close the CD tray. The CD tray, for those of 
you living in your own little world, would be that thing on the 
front of your computer case that you use as a cup holder. ;)
Disclaimer: Advice in this column is presented as informational 
and is true to the best of my knowledge. Any decisions to follow 
this advice is your responsibility. Your computer, your choice.

Until next week, ponder these words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:
People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world 
is also a confession of character.
Have an interesting day, Simon

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