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Publication: Gizmorama
Interactive Web sites can shape perception

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Gizmorama - Interactive Web sites can shape perception
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Good Morning,
Yesterday Best Buy announced a new recycling program for
electronics in select states. It allows each household to
recycle two items per day at no charge. Hopefully this program
will take off and will be available in all states soon. Here
is a link to the article...

Until Tomorrow,

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NASA sets Thursday for GLAST launch

The U.S. space agency has scheduled Thursday for the launch of
its Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, or GLAST. The National
Aeronautics and Space Administration said GLAST will be launched
aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket. The launch
window extends from 11:45 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. EDT daily through
Aug. 7. The GLAST liftoff date, originally set for Tuesday, was
rescheduled to allow the launch team sufficient time to make
sure remaining engineering issues are resolved, NASA said.


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Interactive Web sites can shape perception

A U.S. scientist says he's found the interactive look and feel
of a corporate Web site can help shape positive perceptions
about the organization. Penn State Professor S. Shyam Sundar
and researcher Jamie Guillory said they are trying to understand
how interactivity in Web sites influences the public perception
of an organization. In previous studies of websites of political
candidates, Sundar found candidates were rated more positively
if their site had some interactive features. "Web sites with
low to medium levels of interactivity create positive perceptions
but for medium to high interactivity, it actually falls down,"
said Sundar. "In general, too much interactivity is not
desirable, and may lead to information overload." The researchers
found college students looking for a job are more likely to apply
to companies that have interactive Web sites with "bells and
whistles," said Sundar. "We found that both liking and involvement
are significant mediators such that people who saw a high
interactive Web site liked it more, and they also got involved
as a result of liking it more," he added. He presented his
findings in Montreal during the recent annual conference of the
International Communication Association.

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Scientists find 'nervous wreck' gene

U.S. scientists announced the discovery of a gene they call
"nervous wreck" that is essential to the proper development
of nerve cells in the fruit fly. The gene governs the size of
a synapse -- the junction between nerve cell endings.
University of Wisconsin scientists said the gene prevents
synapses from overgrowing by damping the effects of a pro-
growth signal. Mutations in a human version of the "nervous
wreck" gene have been linked to a severe genetic developmental
disability The 100 billion nerve cells in the human make
trillions of synaptic connections to neurons, muscle cells and
other cell types. Malfunctions at synapses are believed to be
among the many factors leading to various neurological disorders.
Kate O'Connor-Giles, a postdoctoral fellow who led the study,
said, "We really need to have a deep understanding of how all
the factors involved are working together to develop rational
treatments for neurological disorders associated with aberrant
synaptic growth." The researchers say their findings might
speed the development of treatments for neurological disorders.
The study appears in the journal Neuron.

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