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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Inner City Angels

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Issue date: Saturday, May 27, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Welcome to the Paranormal Insider. They say there's 
strength in numbers, and I agree. The more of us who KNOW, 
the more power we have to DEMAND that the censored world 
of the paranormal be treated as a publicly acknowledged 
FACT by the powers-that-be. Keep this in mind as I tell 
you that once again our e-mail system is mysteriously down, 
causing all correspondence to be lost. But our tech people 
are fighting the good fight, and as soon as they have us 
up and running again, I'll fill you in.

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Inner City Angels.

Velma Murray had endured a rough and tumble life, but 
living alone at the age of 89 was the most difficult 
thing she'd ever accomplished. The former barmaid, 
construction worker, mom and motorcycle racer (a long 
story), had stood toe-to-toe with her share of tough men 
and even tougher women. But dealing with the infirmities 
of advanced old age was sometimes more than she could bear.

A hip replacement, a heart pacemaker, bad circulation, 
arthritis and poor eyesight were just the tip of the ice-
berg. It seemed like a new malady struck her every day and 
if anyone had asked Velma whether she was enjoying her 
golden years, she would have punched their clock out, if 
she'd been able to make a fist.

"People don't know how good they had it when they just 
dropped over dead at 73 from a heart attack," Velma told 
a neighbor once, "Those damn doctors have found plenty of 
ways to keep us alive longer, but don't get the idea that 
they're doing you a favor. Being over the age of 80 hurts 
like the dickens."

As you can tell, Velma was a pessimist. That is, until a 
flock of angels appeared one day out of the blue (actually 
they flew in through Velma's bedroom window). These angels 
were invisible and not only that, they were small—no bigger 
than Velma's thumbnail, but too big to fit on the head of a 

The first time Velma noticed their presence was when she 
had trouble putting on her robe one cold morning. As a 
matter of fact, she dropped the robe on the floor and was 
struggling to pick it up when it arose as if by magic and 
wrapped itself around her freezing body...

(Continued below)

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Inner City Angels, Part 2.

"What the H***?" Velma swore, after which she was sure she 
heard gentle musical laughter. Next, she was startled by 
the sound of coffee brewing, as well as ham & eggs sizzling 
in a pan. It was the sort of breakfast Velma often dreamed 
about, but was usually too hampered by her arthritis to 

"Who's here and where are you hiding?" Velma asked, fearing 
an intruder. But when no one answered, she shrugged her 
shoulders, flipped the ham & eggs onto a plate and ate to 
her heart's content.

For the next seven days, Velma's life was a breeze. The 
angels seemed to anticipate her every move, remembering 
to turn the TV on for her favorite programs, raising and 
lowering the shades according to the time of day and 
cooking her favorite meals. It was as if Velma was young 
again, doing everything for herself. She came to believe 
that hundreds of tiny angels surrounded her and even 
claimed to see their wings from time to time.

At least that's what Velma whispered to the EMS technician 
when he rolled her into the hospital emergency room one 
last time. A neighbor had peeked through the window and 
spied her lying helplessly on the floor.

"Little angels kept me company during the past week. They 
knew I was fixin' to die," were Velma's final words before 
she slipped from this existence into the Next World. 
Whether she was delirious or saw the unseeable, I'll let 
you decide. All I know is that sad, lonely Velma believed 
her last days on earth had been spent in the company of 
tiny, angelic friends. If not, who else was fixing meals 
and keeping her house clean?

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Why Teens Become Involved In The Occult.

It's for shock value at first, says German sociologist 
Hanz Freir, a specialist in studies of witchcraft and the 
occult. In an increasingly secularized world, teens have a 
diminishing ability to outrage their parents, but involve-
ment in witchcraft still has the power to outrage their 
elders. However, this fascination can be harmful when 
taken to extremes. Freir says if a teen comes home with 
a tattoo of a pentagram on his or her forehead—or does 
something else similarly grotesque, parents should 
intervene immediately. Consulting experts and talking 
honestly with their child is an important first step for 
parents to take.

The Emotional Life Of Philodendrons. 

In a laboratory experiment, lie detector specialist Clive 
Baxter wired three philodendrons to galvanometers in order 
to see how they responded to nearby trauma. He then placed 
a brine shrimp in a flask of boiling water, causing it to 
die instantly. Baxter's galvanometer readings showed a high 
level of activity at this moment, suggesting to him that 
the philodendrons were responding "emotionally" to the 
brine shrimp's death.

Will Protestors Feel The Heat?
Street protestors at this summer's political conventions in 
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