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Publication: In the Courts
Company Bank Records and Emails.

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           IN THE COURTS - January 23, 2007
   "Straight answers to tough questions from people going  
     through real divorces from a top divorce lawyer."
       By Jim Gross, Esq. http://www.MDDIVORCELAWYERS.com



My husband started a business while we were married, LLC, 
am I entitled to half and future proceeds? – Theresa 


Theresa: You may be entitled to a marital award based on 
the present value of the business. That value may take 
into account the projected future earnings of the business, 
but there may also be deductions for such things as market-
ability, taxes and personal good will.



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I have been working for a company for over 14 years as 
president. But never owned a share. Can my wife subpoena 
bank record and e mails of the company? – David 


David: She can send a subpoena because the scope of discovery 
is broad. The company can object to it because it has an 
interest in keeping its records confidential. Usually these 
types of disputes are resolved with a written non-disclosure 
agreement. Terms are negotiated. She may agree to limit 
discovery and the company may agree to disclose some records 
only for use in the litigation. If not, a judge will have to 
decide what may be disclosed.



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I was divorced in 2000. I have been awarded a portion of my 
ex-husband's retirement pension. I have remarried in 2006. 
Do I lose the pension even if the document has no referral 
to remarriage? – Kathy 


Kathy: Alimony can be terminated by remarriage. But a 
pension, even though it is a right to receive future 
income, is considered to be an asset of the marital estate. 
It is divided by court order at the time of divorce and not 
affected by remarriage.

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