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Publication: Gizmorama
ISPs consider bandwidth surcharges

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Gizmorama - ISPs consider bandwidth surcharges
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	  G8 science ministers push cooperation

Science and technology ministers from the Group of Eight 
Sunday agreed at a meeting in Japan their countries and others 
should work together on global issues. The ministers, who 
held a one-day conference in Okinawa, said they would promote 
cooperation among the G8 nations and developing countries on 
climate change issues, as well as on technological issues 
regarding sustainable development, the Kyodo news agency 
reported. The agreement to work to advance lower carbon 
emissions and share improved technology with developing nations 
comes ahead of a G8 summit scheduled for next month in Hokkaido.
The representatives of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, 
Japan, Russia, the United States and the European Union also 
agreed to push international cooperation in research and 
development resources through shared use of facilities, the 
Japanese news agency said. A follow-up meeting that also will 
include invitations to several other countries will be held in 
Washington this fall. ''I believe this will certainly lead 
to detailed and positive discussions at the Hokkaido Toyako 
summit where these major issues will be taken up,'' Japanese 
Science and Technology Minister Fumio Kishida said, referring 
to the G8 meeting set for July 7-9.

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     Phoenix Mars Lander Making Great Progress Thus Far

The NASA Phoenix Lander is reportedly making great progress 
as it has managed to send back the most detailed pictures ever 
of the soil on Mars. The Phoenix Lander now has the task of 
further analyzing the soil to determine its make-up fully.
The mission will revolve around the use of the chemical 
analysis ovens on the Phoenix, which will be used to help 
investigate the soil. One of the components of the soil 
already discovered comes from volcanic eruptions. The mineral 
is known as olivine. The investigation will also look into 
the belief that the white particles seen below the soil may 
actually be ice on Mars. If they do manage ot find ice, they 
will then try to determine its age, when it was formed, etc.
Ice could mean that Mars has a changing climate similar to 
earth, and could possibly hold signs of life and organic 
material frozen within it. The first results of the analysis 
of the soil on Mars are expected next week.


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	    ISPs consider bandwidth surcharges

Three of the largest U.S. Internet service providers are 
threatening to restrict their most active subscribers' online 
activity, companies say. Time Warner Cable, Comcast and AT&T 
are considering charging those who use their services more 
than the average user, The New York Times reported Sunday.
Time Warner began an "Internet metering" trial this month in 
Beaumont, Texas, asking customers to select a monthly plan and 
pay surcharges when they exceed their bandwidth limit.
For its part, Comcast said it may slow down the connections 
of the heaviest users, so-called bandwidth hogs. The newspaper 
reported AT&T said limits on heavy use were inevitable and that 
it was considering pricing based on use. "Based on current 
trends, total bandwidth in the AT&T network will increase by 
four times over the next three years," the company said in a 
statement. "Average customers are way below the caps," said 
Kevin Leddy, executive vice president for advanced technology 
at Time Warner Cable. "These caps give them years' worth of 
growth before they'd ever pay any surcharges." 


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