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Publication: Travel Freebies
Hottest Freebies From Last Month

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Travel Freebies                               March 1, 2006

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Hello Travelers,   

Today's issue features some of the hottest freebies from 
last month in case you might have missed an issue. Be sure
to act fast because they may expire soon.

Travel On,   

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Free Singing Phone...

Get the phattest, and thinnest, phone around—for Free. Just 
click on the link below to get a Motorola® SLVR Cell Phone 
today. It’s got your name all over it.
Free Singing Phone


             **** It Takes Two to Tango ****
  Enjoy the World's Best Tango Dancers on DVD for $24.99

For over 150 years people across the globe have been dancing
the sensuous and exciting dance known as the Tango. In this
exclusive DVD 28 dancers from the famed Geneva Grand Theatre 
Ballet create a spectacular full-length show to the vibrant 
and throbbing rhythms of the Argentine-flavored Tango. This
heart pounding, feel good show is available to you on DVD
for $24.99. Order yours today when you visit:
Tango on DVD


Free Dungarees...

Everyone knows that after you plan the vacation you need to
shop for new clothes to take with you. Well here's your
chance to get a free pair of jeans...

You’re not a knockoff—your jeans shouldn’t be either. Be an 
original and click on the link below to receive your Free 
pair of Levi’s® Original 501® Jeans today.
Free Dungarees


60 Minutes, The Today Show & Fox News agree: Hoodia Works

Unlike pills, our DIET patches release their active ingredients
over 24 hours. Curb Your Cravings(R) Hoodia Patch System 
administers a constant level of all natural Hoodia appetite 
suppressant throughout the day. Eat less & lose the weight.

Get your One Week Free* Trial. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Lose Weight Now with Hoodia


Free $1000 Bahamas Getaway...

Enjoy Casual Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and 
Fridays with a Free $1000 Bahamas Getaway. Paradise is 
waiting, just click below.
Enter Here


Animals Gone Funny...

Our new video portal, www.EVTV1.com, has become the most 
popular attraction in our family of web sites. And in answer 
to that popularity we've come up with some fun new avenues 
to bring the videos to you. Like our "Animals Gone Funny" 
video clip of the week publication..

Once a week we'll share with you a very funny and most of 
the times cute video clip of animals. Plus, you get to rate 
just how good you thinks these clips are. Let Animals Gone 
Funny put a smile on your face! 

Subscribe now and "Animals Gone Funny" will be starting in 
just a few weeks. Visit the GopherCentral site and look for 
Animals Gone Funny at the top of the page. Visit below: 
Animals Gone Funny


Free Cedar Point Brochures...

Cedar Point is the largest amusement ride park in the world, 
and we encourage you to plan your adventure in advance. To 
assist you with your planning, we would like you to have 
information about Cedar Point and all it has to offer. 
Free Brochure


Free Hotel Guides...

Are you looking to travel soon? Well here's a site that can
help you find the best rates when finding a hotel...
Free Hotel Guides


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