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Publication: Wrestling News Today
Hogan Goes After McMahon

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                 Monday, August 13, 2007

Hogan Goes After McMahon & WWE, SummerSlam, More
Story By: Richard Gray
Source: PWInsider.com

- Hulk Hogan is featured today in an interview with The Sun
over in the United Kingdom. Hogan blames the low SummerSlam
payout he received as the reason why he did not return to
WWE for this year's WrestleMania. He says in the interview
that once his promotion gets off of the ground it will beat
WWE. The headline of the story is: "Hulk: I'll defeat
desperate Vince."

- The August 3rd edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown was
the highest rated show amongst the Hispanic demographic for
the week ending August 5th. The show was seen by 425,000
Hispanic households.

- WWE is airing "SummerSlam Stories" on Comcast OnDemand
under "More Sports." The special is a 30 minute program
promoting the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view by profiling
historic SummerSlam moments.

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Update On HHH's Return, Lashley Out 3-5 Months, More
Story By: Patrick Boucher
Sources: www.f4wonline.com & WrestlingObserver.com

- According to sources, it's almost certain that HHH will 
make his big return on next week's RAW from Madison Square 
Garden. He will, most likely, make the save for Jerry 
Lawler after King Booker stomps him down during the 
crowning segment. Despite not being advertised for RAW, 
he will make his return according to sources. His return 
on RAW will likely be followed by the announcement of a 
match at Summerslam with him and King Booker. 

- Dave Meltzer is reporting that Bobby Lashley is expected 
to be out of action for three to five months. Doctors 
thought it was a torn rotator cuff, which would have meant 
having to take more time off, but his injuries couldn't be 
fixed through arthroscopic surgery.

- Speaking of Bobby Lashley, he has previously done a great 
deal of training at a MMA facility in Colorado. There was 
even talk of airing the footage of him beating on guys 
inside a cage. 

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WWE Announces Release Of Developmental Star 
Story By: Patrick Boucher

- WWE announced the release of Tomasso Whitney, who was 
signed to a developmental contract several months ago. 
Killer Kowalski and Chaotic Training Center trained him. 
Below is the official statement on his release: 

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the 
release of Tomasso Whitney as of today, August 9. WWE 
wishes Tomasso the best in all his future endeavors. 


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                      Reader's Forum

i totally agree with rhonda and she hit it on the head. if 
you look at all sports athletes, they have a season and 
then when the season is over, they do light stuff during 
their offseason to get ready for the next season. these 
guys are traveling from city to city more in a year than 
most professional athletes. sure they get christmas and 
thanksgiving and maybe new years off to be with their 
families, but they are traveling the rest of the time. 
give them 6 weeks to 2 months off a year to heal and get 
their minds straight and we won't have any more benoit 
incidents or wrestlers dying at a young age. 
- john

In response to Deacon's comment about the short lived feud 
between Lashley and Cena. It was building for months and 
it exploded when the two met head to head. Don't worry, 
Lashley will get his revenge. 

- Bill

i totally agree with vicki randy is an ass 


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