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Publication: Forgotten History
The Life of Howard Zinn

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             History Video Clip of the Week 
       "Sights and sounds that changed the world"
                Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007

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History Videos


Dear friends, 

 This is the most special issue ever by GopherCentral. 
 Why? Because today's featured clips come from the award 
 winning filmmaker and GopherCentral's own, Denis Mueller. 

 Denis made a film that made it to the top 12 documentaries
 by the Academy Awards folks. The film was a biography of 
 one of the most famous historians of our time; Howard Zinn.

 This is no ordinary filmed biography because the film is 
 intercut with the most significant events of the last 
 century, because Zinn was more than a passive historian. 
 He was an activist that helped shape the civil rights 
 movement and then the Vietnam era.
 So if you ever view any of our clips, please visit EVTV1 
 and some of Denis' brilliant film clips from his film: 
 "It is hard to be neutral on a moving train." 


Thank you,

JA & Denis


          *---- Video Clip of the Week ----*

              The Man - Howard Zinn

 Matt Damon narrates this tribute to one of America's
 greatest historians, Howard Zinn. Damon grew up with 
 Zinn in the same neighborhood and knows him well.

Click to view: The Man - Howard Zinn

                 Bonus Video Clip

           Howard Zinn on Cluster Bombs

  While in North Vietnam, Howard Zinn had to hide in
  shelters to protect himself from heavy air bombardments
  by US forces. He saw up close what cluster bombs do to
  civilians and soldiers alike.

Click to view: Howard Zinn on Cluster Bombs 


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         ---------- Howard Zinn on DVD ----------

Can a film on a historian actually entertain and be a
collectible? YOU BET if it is about a mad who lived through
the 20th Century’s most interesting events. This film inter-
weaves those great historical moments with the man who
chronicled the events by not just chronicling those events,
but helping shape them as an activist. 

This is great history as well as great film-making. Narrated
by Matt Damon. Order your DVD today and save $5.00, visit: 
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train DVD

   *----Top 5 Forwarded Video Clips of the Week ----*

1)  African Lions v. Buffalo


2)  US Soldiers Insulting Iraqi Police


3)  Sexy Swedish Host Throws Up


4)  Childbirth From The Inside Out


5)  Girl Flips Through Basketball Hoop


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