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Publication: Forgotten History
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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           QAD & History Video Clip of the Week 
       "Sights and sounds that changed the world" 
                Friday, April 11, 2008 

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History Videos

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          *---- Video Clip of the Week ----*

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

 This is almost like a mythological journey as the song 
 made famous by Judy Garland has a new life when the 
 Hawaiian singer, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole sings this song 
 set to beautiful landscapes of the Hawaiian islands.

WATCH IT NOW: Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

                 Bonus Video Clip

                Bee Gees - Grease 

 Grease is the word! And while the Bee Gees did not sing
 this hit song, that was Frankie Valli, they did write it
 for the movie. Here the Bee Gees sing it as scenes from
 the movie are interwoven with their performance. See who
 is in the crowd!  

Click to view: Bee Gees - Grease  


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   *----Top 5 Forwarded Video Clips of the Week ----*

1)  Charlie Bit Me!


2)  Amazing Elephant Paints Self Portrait


3)  Sea Lion Dances to Smooth Criminal


4)  Parrot Dances And Rocks Out


5)  I´m BLEEPING Obama Video...


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END OF FORGOTTEN HISTORY Video Clip of the Week 
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