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Publication: Forgotten History
Jack Nicholson In A Few Good Men

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           QAD & History Video Clip of the Week 
       "Sights and sounds that changed the world" 
                Friday, July 12th, 2008 

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History Videos

Dear friends, 

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          *---- Video Clip of the Week ----*

         Jack Nicholson - In A Few Good Men

  Jack Nicholson has given us some memorable performances 
  in his acting career but none are more recognizable 
  than the courtroom scene in the military drama, 'A Few 
  Good Men.' 

WATCH IT NOW: A Few Good Men 

                 Bonus Video Clip
          The Rat Pack - Original Footage!

  The reason why Frank Sinatra's 'Rat Pack' was so 
  entertaining was the fact that they were all good 
  friends off the stage. This in turn resulted in 
  some of the greatest on-stage chemistry in 
  entertainment history. 

WATCH IT NOW: The Rat Pack 


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   *----Top 5 Forwarded Video Clips of the Week ----*

1)  Firecracker Prank


2)  George Carlin: Baseball vs. Football


3)  If You´re Going to be Dumb, You Got to be Tough


4)  Amazing Catch By Ball Girl


5)  Four Year Old Singing Sensation Kaitlyn Maher


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END OF FORGOTTEN HISTORY Video Clip of the Week 
Copyright 2008 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved.

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