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Publication: Forgotten History
Penn and Teller Talk Polling

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             History Video Clip of the Week 
       "Sights and sounds that changed the world" 
                Thursday, Jan. 3, 2008 

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History Videos

Dear friends, 

 Happy New Year to all of our friends. We really have a 
 couple of timely videos. Are you tired of the polls that 
 are so different from each other? Want to know why? 

 Because they are BS! And we have the clip to show you in 
 a funny way.

 The second clip is called "President Rain Man". I found 
 this hysterically funny. Enjoy! 

Thank you,

JA & Denis


          *---- Video Clip of the Week ----*

          Penn and Teller Say Polling Is BS 
 Penn and Teller take on master pollster Frank Luntz. What
 emerges in this video clip is the notion that polls are
 cooked to achieve results pollsters want to receive by
 manipulating the language." 
Click to view: Penn and Teller Say Polling Is BS

                 Bonus Video Clip

               President Rain Man

 Mr. President, what about stem cell research? What about
 the economy? What about social security. There's just
 one answer? 

Click to view: President Rain Man 

     Once again, to view and comment, view the clips.
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   *----Top 5 Forwarded Video Clips of the Week ----*

1)   SNL Uncensored: Dick In A Box


2)   Parrot Dances And Rocks Out


3)  Manager Tony La Russa Arrested For DUI


4)   Hitler Banned From Microsoft X-Box


5)  Cat Plays Piano


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END OF FORGOTTEN HISTORY Video Clip of the Week 
Copyright 2008 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved.

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