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Publication: Weekend GetAways
Here We Are Off To New York City....

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       WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, August 1, 2008
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

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Greetings Getaway Lover,

Here we are going to New York City.... 

What's trendy in New York this week may well be 
gone by the time you get here, be it an exhibit, 
bistro, shop, or celebrity. You'll never see it 
all -- we won't in a lifetime. But do leave time 
to enjoy our top attraction: people -- en masse, 
and of all kinds. Here the tapestry is fully 

Happy Trails,

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--DESTINATION: New York City
When to Go.....

New York City weather, like its people, is a study 
in extremes. Much of winter brings bone-chilling 
winds and an occasional traffic-snarling snowfall, 
but you're just as likely to experience mild after-
noons sandwiched by cool temperatures. Even during 
our frigid Februarys you might consider leaving 
your winter coat at home, opting instead for two 
layers, one of which you can tie around your waist 
when necessary.

In late spring and early summer, streets fill with 
parades and sidewalk concerts and Central Park 
yields free performances. Late August temperatures 
sometimes claw skyward, giving many subway stations 
the feel and bouquet of malfunctioning saunas. This 
is why September brings palpable excitement, with 
stunning yellow-and-bronze foliage complimenting 
the dawn of a new cultural "season." Between October 
and May, museums mount major exhibitions, most 
Broadway shows open, and formal opera, ballet, and 
concert seasons begin.


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Times Square

A cacophony of flashing lights, honking horns, and 
shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, Times Square is the 
most frenetic part of New York City. If you like 
sensory overload, the chaotic mix of huge underwear 
billboards, flashing digital displays of world news 
and stock quotes, on-location television broadcasts, 
and outré street performers will give you your fix. 
If you're a quieter type, it will more likely give 
you a headache.

Empire State Building

From the 86th-floor observatory (which towers 1,050 
feet above the city) you can see up to 80 mi away on 
a clear day. But the view at night can be equally 
dazzling, with glittering city lights that French 
architect Le Corbusier once called "a Milky Way come 
down to earth." If you're afraid of heights, gazing 
at the building from afar is nothing to sneeze at, 
either -- especially after dark, when it's illum-
inated by colored lights that correspond to dif-
ferent world holidays.

Museum of Modern Art

Described as a "modernist dream world" after its 
$425 million face-lift in 2004, the MoMA has since 
become as famous for its architecture as for its 
collections. Yoshio Taniguchi, the Japanese 
architect responsible for the redesign, created 
newly spacious, soaring-ceilinged galleries suf-
fused with natural light, where masterpieces like 
Monet's Water Lilies, Picasso's Les Demoiselles 
d'Avignon, and van Gogh's Starry Night can get the 
oohs and aahs they deserve.


Other Places of Interest:

Brooklyn Bridge

"A drive-through cathedral" is how the critic James 
Wolcott describes one of New York's noblest and most 
recognized landmarks. Spanning the East River, the 
bridge connects Manhattan island to the borough of 
Brooklyn (once an independent city, and still worth 
a visit in its own right). A leisurely hour's stroll 
on the pedestrian walkway (which you'll share with 
the occasional bicyclist and rollerblader) is an 
essential New York experience. Traffic is beneath 
you, and the views along the East River and harbor 
are some of the best in the city.

Statue of Liberty

Presented to the United States in 1886 as a gift 
from France, Lady Liberty has become a near-
universal symbol of freedom and democracy, standing 
152 feet high atop an 89-foot pedestal on Liberty 
Island. You can get a taste of the thrill millions 
of immigrants must have experienced as you approach 
Liberty Island on the ferry from Battery Park.

Central Park

The literal and figurative center of Manhattan, 
Central Park has 843 acres of meandering paths, 
tranquil lakes, ponds, and open meadows. For 
equestrians, softball and soccer players, strollers, 
ice- and roller skaters, rock climbers, bird-watchers, 
boaters, picnickers, and outdoor performers, it's an 
oasis of fresh air and greenery that lets them forget 
-- at least for a little while -- the hustle and con-
gestion of the city.

Bronx Zoo

One urban jungle deserves another. Only at the world's 
largest urban zoo is there room for gorillas to lumber 
around a 6 1/2-acre simulated rain forest, or tigers 
and elephants to roam nearly 40 acres of open meadows.
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60 Thompson 
$$$, SoHo 

Dramatic design, along with a popular lounge and 
restaurant, instantly anchored this stunning hotel 
into the downtown scene. The generous use of dark 
woods and full-wall leather headboards gives the 
retro-classic rooms welcoming warmth; the brownies 
at turndown are a decadent touch. Marble-lined 
bathrooms have oversize showers, mosaic tile floors, 
and Fresh bath products. The chic Thai restaurant 
Kittichai on the ground floor has patio dining and a 
gold-suffused bar; rooftop lounge A60 is a warm-
weather haven for hipsters.

Affinia Fifty 

$$, Midtown East 
This hotel has a distinctly businesslike mood, but 
it's also supremely comfortable for families or 
other leisure travelers. A top-to-bottom renovation 
modernized the spacious rooms, called suites here, 
all of which have a clean, modern design with over-
size chairs and couches, kitchen facilities, and 
plenty of space to stretch out. And for the business 
travelers, the second-floor club lounge is devoted 
to business services. There's no restaurant in the 
hotel, but a restaurant next door provides room 
service and there's a weeknight complimentary wine-
and-cheese reception.

The Bentley 

Although a budget-price hotel is certainly welcome 
in the often-pricey Bloomingdale's neighborhood, 
service complaints sometimes outweigh the low prices 
here. On the other hand, there are reasons to stay 
here, starting with the free cappuccino offered round-
the-clock in the pocket-size lobby library. Rooms are 
relatively large compared to other hotels in the same 
price category. Sheets are Belgian, toiletries are 
boutiquey -- the whole place is reminiscent of a small 
European hotel. Noise can sometimes be a problem on 
the lowest floors, so request a high floor, preferably 
with a view of the East River. The 21st-floor 
restaurant has wonderful river and city vistas.

'21' Club 

It's undeniably exciting to hobnob with celebrities 
at this town-house landmark, a former speakeasy that 
opened in 1929. Chef John Greeley tries to satisfy 
everyone with standards like the famous '21' burger 
and '21' Caesar salad, and sophisticated modern 
dishes, such as risotto of squab and wild mushrooms 
with butternut squash, Parmesan foam, and black 
truffles. Service is seamless. This is one of few 
restaurants in Manhattan that requires jacket and 


$$, Contemporary, Greenwich Village 
From innovative hors d'oeuvres to delicate petit 
fours, Annisa raises the bar on neighborhood dining. 
The restaurant is a white-tablecloth experience with-
out pretension and is one of the few A-list 
restaurants in Manhattan owned and operated by two 
women. Chef Anita Lo's ethereal, creative cooking 
fuses French technique with Asian flavors to create 
standouts like seared foie gras with soup dumplings 
and jicama, and pan-roasted chicken stuffed with pig's 
feet and white truffles. The wine list features the 
work of women winemakers and winery owners.

5 Ninth 

$$$, New American, Meatpacking District 
Set in a rustic brownstone built in 1848, this styl-
ish restaurant features Asian-accented New American 
cuisine that never fails to enthrall. Steamed whole 
loup de mer (branzino) is fall-apart tender, seasoned 
with stinging Thai lime paste and plated with Shanghai 
bok choy and young ginger. Pork shoulder is braised 
and served with steamed mustard greens, Vietnamese 
mint, and spicy sausage. The adventurous brunch menu 
features items like rice porridge with sausage and 
slow-cooked egg, and an omelet with braised beef short 
ribs and pecorino cheese.


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