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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Heavy Metal Healing

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Issue date: Saturday, May 6, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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This is the Paranormal Insider, where new subscribers are 
always welcome. My friends, you are about to take a voyage 
into the furthest reaches of the paranormal. A journey from 
which few return unchanged. Whether your obsession is 
ghosts, UFOs, conspiracy theories, ESP - anything on the 
cutting edge of the unknown - you'll find it here. Today's 
issue is devoted to our periodic, highly popular feature - 
Short Scares. Hope you enjoy these brief observations, 
news items and tales too provocative to leave on the 
cutting room floor.

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                   Rescue Circles. 

Rescue circles are special meetings convened by 
spiritualists in order to convince unsettled spirits 
that they are actually dead. The meetings are similar 
to séances. Participants offer prayers to the deceased, 
releasing them from their ties with the living. Intrigued? 
Here are a few words of advice: Rescue circles are believed
to work best with people who've died suddenly and are not 
accustomed to their newly discovered status as spirits.

                Heavy Metal Healing.

Stomach ache? Head hurt? Why not try magnetotherapy, a 
controversial 18th century remedy invented by British 
physician Elisha Perkins. Dr Perkins maintained that the 
body could be rid of disease by touching it with different 
metals - especially iron, zinc, copper and silver. Some-
times combinations of these metals, together with gold or 
platinum, were used in the treatments. How riveting.

        Why Teen Girls Are Fascinated By Witches. 

An expert says it's usually just a phase. "Teen-agers, 
especially teen-age females, have traditionally gone 
through a phase of interest in and participation in forms 
of folk magic," Professor Bill Williams, an adolescent 
psychologist in California. Added Professor Williams, 
"It's a way of creating a fantasy world where women can 
take charge of things that in a real-world society they 
are often not allowed to take charge of." 

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                 Moonlighting Criminals. 

A full moon IS associated with an increase in crime, 
according to a recent study by the Utah Bureau of Criminal 
Identification. The agency tracked eight different types 
of crime to see how many of them took place during a full 
moon. The findings: Overall, crime was up 2.86 percent 
during a full moon compared to all other days. Most 
ominously, the number of homicides was 53 percent higher. 
And the number of manslaughter cases jumped an amazing 220 
percent during a full moon.

            Introduction To Spook Lights.

This is the paranormal term for strange lights that seem 
to hover over rivers, wander through dense woods or skip 
across rough terrain, only to disappear when approached. 
One theory is that the lights are caused by the build-up 
of an electrical charge along earthquake fault lines and 
in areas of volcanic activity. Others believe that spook 
lights are proof of fairies and other legendary entities. 
Perhaps significantly, the number of spook light sightings 
has decreased as UFO reports have increased.

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           Introduction To The 26th Dimension. 

Think there are only four dimensions - the three spatial 
dimensions, plus time? You may have to start thinking 
again. Some scientists theorize there may be as many as 
26! The extra dimensions are thought to be curled or 
folded, making them impossible to detect in everyday 
life - or even a physics experiment.

                  Window On The Weird.                    

A "window area" is a geographic site that has a history 
of paranormal phenomena, such as UFO sightings, ghosts 
or poltergeist activity. What causes this gateway to the 
unknown has yet to be determined. But some analysts believe
enormous pressures beneath the earth's surface at such 
sites cause sporadic bursts of electromagnetic energy. 
Which creates conditions that better allow paranormal 
events to be seen by the naked eye.

                 Mind Power Stops Clock. 

In a classic case of mind over matter, a Chicago housewife 
subconsciously made a grandfather clock stop on three 
occasions that were significant events in her life. First, 
the clock stopped at the exact moment her mother died. 
Three years later, the clock stopped when the woman's first
grandchild was born. Two years after that, the woman's 
youngest daughter got married. When the woman returned 
home from the wedding, she discovered that the clock had 
stopped at the precise moment the couple had exchanged 
vows. A paranormal expert concluded the woman was 
unknowningly marking emotionally meaningful events.


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