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Publication: Health Tips
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           HEALTH TIPS - Thursday, April 12, 2007
               "News That Keeps You Healthy"   

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               Revolution in cancer treatment

Cancer treatment could be on the brink of a revolution 
following a study showing that it may be possible sig-
nificantly to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy 
drugs without causing side effects. Scientists have con-
ducted a series of pioneering experiments demonstrating 
a new way of making tumour cells far more susceptible 
to attack with extremely low doses of anti-cancer drugs. 
The development offers hope that the gruesome side effects 
of chemotherapy, suffered by tens of thousands of cancer 
patients, may at some point become a thing of the past. 
In addition to making chemotherapy more effective at 
eliminating tumour cells from the body, the study suggests 
that it is also possible to lower dosage levels to a point 
where toxic side effects from the drugs are unlikely to 


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          Gene mutation causes infertility in mice

U.S. scientists have discovered a gene mutation that causes 
infertility in male mice, giving promise of a similar dis-
covery in infertile men. Cornell University researchers 
said their finding marks the first time a dominant mutation 
that leads specifically to infertility in a mammal has been 
found. "If you consider infertility a disease, you can't 
study it like you would other diseases, because the 
affected people can't reproduce," said genetics Professor 
John Schimenti, director of the university's Center for 
Vertebrate Genomics and senior author of the study. "Con-
sequently, we know very little about the genetic causes 
of infertility in humans." Researchers randomly induced 
mutations in the mouse genome and looked for infertility 
in the resulting mice. They analyzed the DNA of the sterile 
males and identified the gene that caused the infertility.
Schimenti said mouse models will be critical in distin-
guishing between those DNA sequence changes that are benign 
in humans versus those that disrupt sperm or egg production.
The researchers are now engaged in a project to identify 
all the genes needed for fertility in mice and apply that 
information to the human situation. The research appears in 
the journal PLoS Biology.

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              Stress causes cancer development

U.S. medical scientists have discovered the stress hormone 
epinephrine makes prostate and breast cancer cells resistant 
to cell death. Researchers at the Wake Forest University 
School of Medicine said they are the first to report that 
emotional stress might contribute to the development of 
cancer and might also reduce the effectiveness of cancer 
treatments. The study, led by Dr. George Kulik, an assistant 
professor of cancer biology, was designed to determine 
whether there is a direct link between stress hormones and 
changes in cancer cells. "Population studies have had con-
tradictory results," said Kulik. "We asked the question: 
'If stress is linked to cancer, what is the cellular 
mechanism?' There had been no evidence that stress directly 
changes cancer cells." Kulik said the study's findings have 
several implications for patients and for researchers. "It 
may be important for patients who have increased responses 
to stress to learn to manage the effects," said Kulik. "And, 
the results point to the possibility of developing an inter-
vention to block the effects of epinephrine." The research 
is reported on-line in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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