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Publication: Health Tips
System might lead to surgery without scars

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            HEALTH TIPS - Wednesday, March 28, 2007
               "News That Keeps You Healthy"   

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    System might lead to surgery without scars

DALLAS, -- U.S. scientists have invented a 
system they say might lead to surgical procedures that don't
produce scars. University of Texas researchers created the 
technique -- still in the developmental stage -- that allows
the magnetic maneuvering of laparoscopic surgical tools 
inserted into the abdominal cavity through a patient's naval
or throat. Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu, an associate professor of 
urology and radiology at the UT Southwestern Medical Center,
said he got the idea while watching a television show 
featuring teenagers who used magnets to hold studs on their 
lips to avoid lip piercing. The system uses magnets 
positioned outside the abdomen to attract magnets attached 
to laparoscopic instruments inside the abdomen. Surgeons 
move the outside magnets to position an internal camera or 
to move a surgical instrument. In animal studies, surgeons 
have been able to remove a kidney using the system. Cadeddu 
and colleagues describe the new surgical concept, called the
Magnetic Anchoring and Guidance System, in the March edition
of the journal Annals of Surgery.
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Government and other scientists recommend taking steps to 
prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, including:
 -- Change your work environment to lessen the stress and 
 strain on the wrist and hand. Make sure the workspace and 
 equipment are at the right height and distance for the 
 hands and wrist. For computer users, the keyboard should 
 be placed high enough to permit the wrist to rest comfort-
 ably without bending. For most people, the workspace 
 should be some 27 to 29 inches above the floor. Keep your 
 elbows close to your sides as you type to reduce the 
 strain on your forearm. Maintain good posture and wrist 
 -- Take a 10-to-15-minute break every hour to give your
  hands and wrists time to rest and recover.
 -- Vary your tasks, avoiding repetitive motions, or at 
 least breaking them up each hour with movements that work 
 different muscles.
 -- Relax your grip, unwind your muscles and practice 
 gentle, loose hand and wrist motions to avoid stress and 
 tension that can strain and irritate muscle.
 -- Exercise, flexing and bending the wrists and hands in 
 the opposite direction from the repetitive movement. 
 A sample: after typing, make a tight fist, hold, stretch 
 the fingers, hold, repeat several times.
 -- Keep your hands warm, even if you have to wear 
 fingerless gloves during work.


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   New blood thinner may negate bleeding risk

NEW ORLEANS,  -- U.S. cardiologists have 
determined a new blood thinner might significantly reduce 
the risk of heart attack and stroke without the risk of 
bleeding. Blood thinners now being used to prevent blood 
clots that are the leading cause of heart attack and stroke 
also pose a risk of major bleeding. But the cardiovascular 
chief at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, 
Dr. David Moliterno, said a study has found a new blood 
thinner drug, called a thrombin-receptor antagonist, or 
TRA, prevents clotting but does not produce excessive 
bleeding. TRA was given in addition to established anti-
clotting drugs to 1,030 patients undergoing cardiac cathe-
terization and related intervention at 77 sites in six 
nations. A 46 percent reduction in serious cardiovascular 
events was noted, without increased bleeding. "We were 
surprised by the extent of benefit," said Moliterno. "These 
results are so noteworthy because the study demonstrated 
that this first-in-class TRA did not increase bleeding at 
all in a group of patients that is certainly at risk. And 
honestly, therefore, we did not expect to see a large 
benefit." Moliterno presented the study during the weekend 
in New Orleans during the American College of Cardiology's 
annual meeting.

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