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Publication: Health Tips
Russian district to vaccinate chickens

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            HEALTH TIPS - Thursday, April 5, 2007
               "News That Keeps You Healthy"   

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     Russian district to vaccinate chickens

PETROPAVLOVSK,-- Officials in Russia's far eastern Kamchatka
region have begun vaccinating chickens against avian flu 
before migratory birds start returning. Veterinarian Vitaly 
Sapunov said in Petropavlovsk some 43,000 doses of the 
vaccine had been received and birds on open farms and at 
private homes would be given priority, the Itar-Tass news 
agency reported. There is a large poultry facility on the 
peninsula that houses more than 200,000 chickens, but 
Sapunov said it was low-risk as it is a restricted access 
factory. So far, no birds with the H5N1 virus have been 
found in the Kamchatka peninsula, he said. Each year at the 
end of April, an estimated 10 million birds stop on, or 
pass over the peninsula, the report said. Last year, 53 
countries had outbreaks of H5N1, and at least 171 people 
have died worldwide since it appeared in 2003.

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     Body fluid chemical measuring is improved

ROCHESTER, N.Y., -- U.S. scientists have developed a tech-
nique in which multiple chemicals in body fluids can be 
identified and measured in less than 60 seconds. University 
of Rochester researchers said the technique -- involving a 
laser, white light and a reflective tube -- tests urine and 
blood serum for common chemicals important to the monitoring
and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular, kidney, 
urinary and other diseases. Researchers Andrew Berger, an 
associate professor of optics, and doctoral candidate Dahu 
Qi used low-refractive-index tubes instead of cuvettes or 
other bulky containers for holding biological specimens. 
And, to get more information from the fluids, they used 
white light along with the laser. The team measured 11 chem-
icals in blood serum -- total protein, cholesterol, LDL and 
HDL levels, glucose, triglyceride, albumin, bilirubin, blood
urea nitrogen, globulin and CO2. In urine, they identified 
urea nitrogen and creatinine. The study is detailed in 
journal Applied Optics.

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       Foundation fights childhood obesity

PRINCETON, N.J., -- The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation of 
Princeton, N.J., announced plans for a $500 million program 
aimed at combating childhood obesity. The effort aims to 
combat the condition, which Census Bureau data and a 2006 
study estimate affects 25 million U.S. children under the 
age of 17, by promoting healthy lifestyles, the foundation 
said in a news release. "This is an all-American crisis," 
said Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president of the foundation. 
"It affects all Americans and it will require all of America
working together to turn it around. ... To reverse the 
obesity epidemic and create a culture of health, we must 
provide families with better access to healthy choices." The
news release stated that the foundation's plan includes 
giving children who live in poor and unsafe neighborhoods 
access to healthy food and safe play spaces. The foundation 
is also funding research into obesity and encouraging 
governments to tackle the issue. "Individual choice and 
behavior are important but the world we live in plays a big 
role, too. We have to make it easier for kids to eat well 
and move more," said Lavizzo-Mourey.

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