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Publication: Health Tips
Beef May Cause Lower Sperm Count

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            HEALTH TIPS - Friday, March 30, 2007
               "News That Keeps You Healthy"   

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             Saving children on a budget

WASHINGTON,) -- More should be invested in 
low-cost, low-tech interventions that save babies' lives, 
global health advocates said at a news conference Wednesday 
in Washington, D.C. "Most of the 10 million children who 
die each year die from very common infectious diseases," 
said Peter Salama, chief of health at UNICEF. "But most of 
that basket of diseases has no dedicated global fund," he 
told United Press International. Of those 10 million 
children under age five who die, 4 million die in the 
first month of life, according to the World Health 
Organization. Many of those deaths are from preventable 
causes like malnutrition, malaria and diarrhea. By allo-
cating funding to interventions that give the most bang 
for the buck, two-thirds of all child deaths could be 
prevented, Salama said.


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      Chinese youth dies of bird flu

BEIJING,  -- Chinese health authorities Wednesday confirmed 
a 16-year-old boy had died of bird flu. The official Xinhua 
news agency reported the youth -- who had lived in the east-
ern Anhui province -- died Tuesday night after developing 
symptoms of fever, muscle aches and pneumonia 11 days ago. 
He was sent to a hospital March 18 but he could not be 
saved, a health spokesman said. Subsequent tests showed 
the patient was infected with the bird flu virus strain 
H5N1. Local health authorities were monitoring those who had
come in close contact with the patient and said that, thus 
far, no new cases have been reported, Xinhua said. Reports 
on the death of the youth have been sent to the World Health
Organization and health agencies in Hong Kong, Macao and 
Taiwan, authorities said.


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        Beef may cause lower sperm count

LONDON,  -- A study has revealed that women 
who eat beef regularly during pregnancy are more likely to 
produce sperm-deprived sons. The report, which was published
Wednesday in the United States, came after Copenhagen 
University researchers concluded that sperm counts in boys 
have been falling since about 10 years ago and exposure to 
pesticides and industrial chemicals are thought to be a part 
of the problem, Britain's Telegraph reported. One of the 
most likely candidates for the low sperm count are the 
"gender- bender" chemicals that act like the human sex 
hormones and are used to stimulate growth in cattle. The 
study was done using men living in the Unites States who 
were born between 1949 and 1983. The study proved that the 
mothers who ate more than seven beef meals a week produced 
children with a sperm concentration of more than 24 percent 
lower than in men whose mothers ate less beef. Professor 
Shanna Swan, head of the study published in the journal 
Human Reproduction, said: "These findings suggest that 
maternal beef consumption is associated with lower sperm 
concentration and possible sub-fertility, associations that 
may be related to the presence of anabolic steroids and 
other xenobiotics (foreign chemicals) in beef."

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