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Publication: Phunny Pictures
Head in Toilet Prank

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      Phunny Pics Video Clip - Monday, Feb. 11, 2008
     "Pictures Are Just As Phunny When They're Moving"

Howdy Folks,

That's right, today I have a clip of the old 'Head in 
Toilet' prank. After watchin' the clip I was confused. 
I thought that the old 'Head in Toilet' Prank was when 
someone gets there head pushed into a crapper and then 
flushed. How wrong I was. I have learned my lesson. 

The clip is pretty funny. If you like toilet humor (You 
see what I did there?) this clip is for you... and me. 

Hey, don't forget to rate the clip after viewing.

Take Care Y'all

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This Week's Video Clip - Head in Toilet Prank 

Normally this kind of thing would get a person arrested, 
but add a hidden camera and a laugh track and you have 
lowest common denominator gold. Watch a prankster not 
get his head kicked in when he hides in a Port-o-Potty. 

Click here: Head in Toilet Prank 


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