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Publication: Coffee Break
Hartford defends its scooter parking ban

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Monday, July 21, 2008             

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           Britain's worst car: Austin Allegro
British residents have voted the Austin Allegro the worst
car ever to traverse U.K. roads.  The poll of 4,000 people
found the Allegro, which was once the fifth best-selling
car in Britain, was the most hated among respondents, with 
nearly a quarter of those polled expressing a loathing for
the vehicle, The Scotsman reported.  The Allegro was
despised for its tendency to rust, poor quality of
construction and the tendency for the rear window to pop 
out.  The second worst car to grace British roads, as
chosen by those polled, was the Morris Ital with 23.4 
percent of votes. The Talbot Sunbeam was voted third worst
vehicle with 11.5 percent.  The survey was commissioned 
by iMotormag.co.uk.  "In the face of superior alternatives 
from Europe and the Far East, cars like the Austin Allegro
were the final nail in the coffin for the once-dominant 
British motor industry," said Mat Watson, an editor for 
the automotive Web site.


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DOG TAG Medical Alert Storage Device (1 GIG)


       Hartford defends its scooter parking ban
Parking officials in Hartford, Conn., have defended a ban
on scooters and motorcycles in city garages after
environmentally-conscious commuters complained.  Sonny 
Parlin said he was surprised to discover the red scooter 
he purchased to save gas and reduce carbon emissions was 
not allowed in the parking garage at the end of his commute 
to Hartford, the Hartford Courier reported.  Parlin said 
the Hartford Parking Authority told him his scooter was 
a danger to himself and other garage patrons.  "I was
furious," Parlin said. "I feel I'm doing my part for the 
environment and what do I get in return? I feel like I was
shut down. They don't have a place for me to park my 
vehicle."  Parking Authority Executive Director Jim Kopency
said there are numerous reasons why scooters and motorcycles 
are not allowed at any of the four city-run parking garages.
He said motorized bikes are smaller than automobiles and
harder to see, and the smaller vehicles often move too 
fast for drivers to react.  Kopency said scooters can be
dangerous in the garages because they lack the mass of 
automobiles, so motion sensors that control the entrance
and exit gates can't detect them and could injure a scooter
driver by closing too quickly.


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continuously, and since they use LED lighting, no heat is generated 
and you WILL NEVER have to replace bulbs! 

What's more is it is completely cool to the touch. These energy 
saving night lights draw only a fraction of the electricity of a 
4 watt bulb, and the LEDs will last up to 10 years. 

Plus it has a soft glow; not too bright and not too dim. Great for
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       Alleged knife in sandwich spurs memories
Some customers said a suit against Subway by a New York 
who claimed he found a knife in his sandwich brought back
unpleasant memories.  John Agnesini is seeking $1 million
from the restaurant chain after a sandwich he purchased
from a Manhattan location allegedly contained a serrated 
7-inch knife baked into the bread, the New York Post 
reported.  The incident brought back memories for former
Subway customer Lauren Goldman, 22, who said she discovered 
a knife in her Subway sandwich two years ago. However, 
unlike Agnesini, she was not lucky enough to notice the
utensil until after taking a bite of her sub.  "It was ...
so sharp it could've taken my tongue off in a second," 
Goldman said.  She said settled the matter with Subway's 
insurance company for $2,500.  Other customers said they
were shocked to hear about the alleged surprise ingredient
in Agnesini's cold cut sub.  "I'm horrified. I don't know
if I'll be able to eat again," customer Kathleen Dulay, 21,
said. "I'm going to tell everyone in my office about this
because we all go there."


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