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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Happy Chinese New Year!

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Issue date: Saturday, February 17, 2007
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hello, dear Readers!

Kung Hei Fat Choy... Happy Chinese New Year! The year of 
the Dog has given way to the Year of the Pig, the last of 
the 12 animals on the wheel of the Chinese Zodiac. Feb. 4th 
marked the arrival of Pig according to the solar calendar, 
while the lunar calendar date of Feb. 18th marks the 
Chinese New Year's Day celebrating the Year of the Red 
Fire Pig. 

The past three years, 2004 - Monkey, 2005 - Rooster and 
2006 - Dog were Metal cycles. The Year of Red Pig 2007 
begins three years of the Water cycle and these three 
years will be favourable to people whose lucky element is 
Water. In relation to your own Chinese animal sign, 2007 
will be an excellent year for Tigers, and very good year 
for Goats, Rabbits and Pigs; a good year for Roosters, 
Dragons, Dogs; a mixed year for Horses, Oxen, Rats, and 
a difficult year for Monkeys and Snakes. 

With its Yin (female) energy,  2007 favours women, 
especially middle-aged women. and all those who have water 
as their 'lucky element'. 

Year of the Fire Pig, or "Golden Pig" is hailed as 
particularly lucky and a good time to marry and have 
children. It is also considered a good year for prosperity 
and great abundance, so gamers and gamblers are probably 
itching to toss the dice as this year rolls in. 

The bountiful and auspicious vibes of the upcoming Pig 
cycle, though, are somewhat tinged by the combination of 
Feng Shui elements underlying this period. Janarrdhana 
Guptha,Energy Consultant and Crystal Master, predicts that 
2007, with its element of Fire over Water, which are 
clashing elements, we will also see "frequent international 
conflicts and serious internal struggles. Civil unrest will 
lead to uprisings, and civil war will break out in several 
countries, leading to overthrow of governments." 

Guptha further predicts: "This clash of elements will mean 
The Pig Year also brings about many changes - changes at 
all levels. Changes in profession, career changes, moving 
out of homes and offices, shifting to new school/college, 
sudden change in governments, etc. Inter-country 
immigrations will rise drastically. 

There will be strange troubles arising out of burials and 
burial grounds. Religious tensions, racist riots and cult 
conflicts will be on the rise and in some cases, they will 
trigger small scale wars or group suicides. Superstitions 
and manipulations will rule. 

There will be many disasters pertaining to fire and water: 
fire disasters, volcanic eruptions, wild forest fires, 
fire arm explosions, bomb attacks, even possible nuclear 
threats; earthquakes, avalanches, heavy rains, torrential 
floods, unceasing sea winds, reflux of sea water, defeating 
atmospheric frosts and melancholic dampness." 

Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond says: "There may be a boom 
in travel this year, but more accidents in the air or in 
the water are likely. There may be dangerous explosions, 
especially in the northeastern part of the world -- like 
China or even the northeastern part of another country not 
in that continent. 

In the Fire Pig year, you need to improve your immune 
system as epidemic sickness can break out in the center 
of the world -- like Europe or in the center of another 
country. Take care of your intestines and stimulate your 
energy system." 

As the last animal to make his appearance on the wheel, 
Pig is all about completions. It is a year favoured for 
tying up loose ends, completing goals, and even saying 
some goodbyes. Expert Shelly Wu says, "All things that 
occur this year can be looked on as closing or final 
conclusions in some way. An auspicious year to complete 
projects, bring projects to fruition or arrive safely 
after completing a long life journey." 

The China Daily reports that many parts of Asia are 
expecting baby booms as babies born in Pig years are 
considered to be among the luckiest in the zodiac. 
Pigs are considered symbols of abundance and fertility 
and dreams about pigs are considered omens of wealth. 

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Readers' Feedback on Synchronicity

Hi Zsuzsana,

I love reading this column as it answers many questions 
I have about psychic thoughts or experiences I've had 
throughout my life.  When I was younger, in my 20's, I had 
many experiences where if I would think about someone I 
hadn't seen for a while I would cross their path within a 
short period of time after I had thought about them. It 
happened many many times with me.  You have to also be 
careful what you say in unknown places such as ladies 
bathrooms.  Once I was talking to a friend about my room-
mate in college, and not saying the best comments, when 
who should be in one of the stalls...but my roommate.  I 
will never forget that experience,  as I'm sure she no 
doubt heard a few things I had to say.  But the running 
into people used to unnerve me until I got used to it and 
thought it was rather humorous.  Now my husband says, if 
I just mention I haven't spoken to someone in a while, they 
just happen to call me and not run into me physically. 

The other day I had an interesting experience also to do 
with this; I was meeting with a leasing manager at an 
apartment complex about 60 miles from where we live, for 
business purposes.  Not only had I never spoken with this 
woman and never met with her before, but we somehow talked 
about an upcoming trip of mine to California. She mentioned 
her sister lived there and of course I inquired what part 
of California she lived in.  It struck me as very unusual 
when she mentioned the exact part of the city of San Diego 
we used to live in. We lived there for 3 1/2 years and 
since we relocated to North Carolina 5 years ago, I have 
not once come across anyone who has a clue as to that 
area of San Diego.  We discussed the street names, the 
restaurants and other small details about that area that 
no one would ever know unless you were familiar with it. 

One more thing I wanted to mention too, that may or may 
not be synchronicity.  We were most unhappy in San Diego, 
and had so many difficulties that finally we realized we 
needed to leave the area. I met someone who suggested we 
try North Carolina, as a lot of my family lives on this 
side of the country.  The minute we accepted that idea, 
and my husband started to apply for jobs here, I had 
constant signs of 'North Carolina'.  I would have people 
out of nowhere stop in at the insurance agency I worked 
at, from here whereas I've never met them before.   I 
would talk to someone connected with the insurance business 
on the phone, from North Carolina.  Cars would appear out 
of nowhere in front of me, from North Carolina. It was 
endless and also became amusing plus unnerving at times.  
I never saw North Carolina license plates in my entire 
life. I took it as a positive sign for us after that. 


Barb Rozenberg

A Follow-up P.S.:
Wow, I hadn't finished reading your column either when I 
just wrote my last email to you about synchronicity. Of 
all things I just saw someone wrote you from Asheville, 
NC and you just mentioned you saw a TV show on it too.  
Now if that isn't unique, I don't know what is. 



Hi Zsuzsana

My name is Dave and I have had psychic experiences since 
I was a kid. My father called me from a hayfield 7 miles 
away when I was at the swimming hole. It caught me in the 
middle of a dive (which I really screwed up), and I got 
out of the water and dressed, went home, changed to work 
clothes and headed toward Dad. He was standing at the top 
of the road/trail, saying "What took you so long." He had 
tipped over a trailer full of hay and needed my help, so 
had called mentally 'till I got the message. That was 
the first of many. I also saved a pilot and his plane (F4C 
Phantom) during Viet Nam, while I was at the chow hall. I 
guess I went into a trance (had the whole chow hall 
worried) for about 15 minutes  with fork half way to my 
mouth, and when I came out, I just finished putting the 
fork into my mouth as if nothing happened. When questioned, 
I told how I was melded to the pilot at the waist. The 
pilot was unconscious, there was blood, the instrumentation 
was shot up, and there were holes in the left wing. I had 
some flying experience, but nothing like a jet. I somehow 
used his knowledge of flying, knew I needed a runway, 
hoping for at least a friendly field, used his hands for 
flying, flaps and landing gear, found a field that was 
friendly, heard the screech of tires hitting the runway 
and I was back at the chow hall, finishing my forkful. All 
thought I was crazy as I had been drinking, but my roommate 
woke me the next morning and dragged me down to the Command 
Post to read a top secret message. It indicated that at 
23:45 (military time) an F4C phantom jet was missing in 
action, however that particular plane landed at a friendly, 
not home, but a friendly field exactly at midnight. The 
exact time frame that I was in a trance at the chow hall 
in Guam for midnight chow. Also I can tell when someone is 
going to say whatever; I already know what he will say. 
Many times it has saved my life by making me do something 
else to bypass the situation. I do not know if this 
interests you or not, but I am a transmitter of sorts and 
a receiver also, of sorts. Probably with some training, I 
could improve my senses. Like, I have done out of body 
experiences many times. So I have some sort of gift, just 
do not know the extent of it. Still many tales to tell if 
any one has an interest. 

"A dedicated reader"
Dave Rund

Hi Dave,
Psychic skills, just like anything else, ARE improved with 
practice and training as you say. I think your gifts are 
pretty amazing and yes, I would enjoy hearing more. 
Thank you. Zsuzsana 

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Dear Zsuzsana:

For the Christmas Season, at the spur of the moment, I 
bought and put a wreath on my husband's grave.  Later that 
night, I received a phone call from an old classmate, whom 
I had run into at my 40th class reunion that September. 

She said she had her regular visit with her medium to 
contact her father, when the medium said there was another 
spirit in the room.  She asked my classmate if she knew 
any one named "Susan." She at first said, no, but when the 
medium asked if she had been at a reunion of some sort, my 
classmate connected it to me, "Suzanne."  She then said one 
of my husbands was aware that I had told my classmate about 
him, with a picture, at the reunion, and he wanted her to 
convey to me that whatever disagreement we had had before 
he died, was resolved, and that he continued to love me 
very much.  She thought it was my first husband, who also 
died a tragic death at 35, but when the medium said, "There 
is a name of Brian or Ryan involved," it was completed, 
because my last husband's grandson was named Ryan. 

Well, blow me down with a feather!  The "disagreement" was 
that, while he lay dying for four days, he refused to 
acknowledge me, even as I was holding his hand all night 
before he died.  A technician came in to draw blood, and 
my husband greeted him enthusiastically and shared a joke! 
Up to the last minute, he never looked my way.  This, of 
course, was very disturbing to me. 

The "synchronicity" of my placing the wreath and the phone 
call from California (I live in Virginia, and the reunion 
was in Illinois!), overwhelmed me, and by the time the 
phone call was over, I was in tears.  What a lot of hard 
work his spirit must have gone through to contact me 
this way!

Anyway, thanks for letting me get my story to you.  Keep 
up the good  work in exploring "inner space" with your 
readers, to make us feel not so "different" when it comes 
to our experiences with the paranormal. 

Suzanne Winter-Austin


A young lady that was a student worker at the University 
that I work at was killed in a car accident. She was an 
avid collector of fairies. After the funeral several of 
us went to a restaurant to eat. This restaurant also has 
a gift shop. When we entered the door there were two full 
tables of fairies statues. I think this is an example of 
synchronicity. Is it? 

Pat Reeder

Definitely! Thanks for sharing this.


I just caught up with last week's issue and I'd like to 
write on one of my synchronicity experiences (I've had 
several over the years). The one you might find interesting 
occurred back in 1982. I developed an infatuation with a 
Playboy playmate named Cathy St. George. She was Miss 
August, which as it turned out was her birthday. She was 
born on August 23, 1960. August 23rd was/is the birthday 
of the first girl I ever loved named Katie Sherrick. You'll 
notice both names are derived from Catherine. Miss St. 
George was dating actor Andrew Stevens at the time. His 
first wife was Kate(!) Jackson whom he married in Las Vegas 
on August 23, 1977, which would have been Miss St. George's 
17th birthday. In 1982 on August 23, it was a Monday and on 
that day, Fortune magazine came out with an article on 
Christie Hefner, Hugh's (the founder of Playboy) daughter, 
the very day Miss St. George was celebrating her 22nd 
birthday. I threw a question into the universe asking what 
is this infatuation about Miss St. George and it replied 
with me finding a book in the bookstore in the office 
building where I worked called "Love and Limerance" written 
by a Dr. Dorothy Tennov of Hofstra University. Limerance 
is Dr. T's explanation on how we are programmed to respond 
to the beauty we find of a person's face and that kicks in 
causing the love to happen (why we are attracted to some 
people and not to others). I've since moved on (no more 
playmates) and some synchronicity still happens, though 
not as much as this one time in my life. Lately, I was 
looking for some land to use as a film site for my film on 
the Holocaust to build a concentration camp set and when 
I inquired about it, the real estate agent asked what I 
wanted to use it for. When I told her, she replied she 
and her friends were members of the U.S. Holocaust museum 
in Washington, D.C.! 

Jack West

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Ghosts on Film

Dr. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton attended Manitoba College 
in Winnipeg, graduating from the medical school in 1903. 
He was later president of the Manitoba Medical Association, 
served on the Public School Board for nine years and was 
elected a member of the provincial legislature 1914-1915. 
As a respected doctor and researcher, his studies and 
photographs throughout many years of research into the 
paranormal and the psychic phenomena of the spiritualist 
movement are considered both groundbreaking and legitimate. 

With about 700 photographs archived, The Thomas Glendenning 
Hamilton Photograph Collection has been digitized and is 
now available on-line at: 

Source: http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/WeirdNews/


Thank you for all your wonderful letters and comments. I 
wish I could print all of them, but even though that is 
not possible, I do thank you for taking the time to share 
your thoughts and experiences. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to inform all my readers 
that The Paranormal Insider is going to be discontinued as 
of the last Saturday in February. I will be sorry to lose 
contact with you all and I'd like you to know how very 
much I've enjoyed hearing from each and every reader who's 
dropped me a line. There are some paranormal resources 
available at my website www.arcanamatrix.com as well as 
contact info for those who wish to keep in touch with me. 
I'll be happy to try and refer you to some other resources 
as well if you have questions that haven't been answered 
in the column. 

Until next week,
Carpe diem!
Zsuzsana Summer

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