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Publication: Handy Hints
Suggestions For Getting Rid Of Squirrels

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                  Handy Hints 
            "Tips To Help You In & Around Your Home" 
                       May 9, 2008

Hello Everyone,     

The other day Pam wrote in: I have squirrels digging in my 
flower pots. I've tried cayenne pepper mixed in with the 
dirt, pepper seeds mixed in with the dirt, pepper spray on 
the plants, chili powder and cayenne and pepper seeds on 
top of the dirt. They still dig in my pots. Does anyone 
have a fool proof way to keep the squirrels out of my flower 

Many readers suggested using Moth Balls, lay them around 
the pots.

More suggestions are below....

Handy Hints Holly 


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Keith suggests...Try spraying Fooey on the plants its an 
EXTREMLY nasty spray that tastes really bad (yes I tasted 
it) dog training aid its in a white bottle with seventies 
looking artwork on it I know petco has it and I am sure 
Petsmart does to the stuff is sooooooo nasty but it wont 
hurt them.

Millie suggests...I know it works with deer's. I was told 
& it works to get some dried blood ( its a fertilizer) & 
either sprinkle it dry or mix it with water.  If it rain's
hard you have to re-apply.

Mary suggests...You can go to any home store like Home 
Depot and get some carpet tack strips. Secure them to 
your planter and they will stop for obvious reasons. 
Seems cruel but it isn’t. They are anything but dumb and 
after realizing they can’t remove them they will dig some 
place more friendly. 

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Another reader suggests...Great tip I picked up and sure 
works for me is to sprinkle a bit of Baby Powder around your 
plants. The squirrels hate the stuff!

Ruth suggests...plant Marigolds around the borders as well 
as a few in between. Squirrel's hate them. We did that when 
we were living in Burnsville, North Carolina. Hope this helps. 

Charlee says...Pam might try covering the pots with hardware 
cloth or other fine metal mesh. Cut to size, about an inch 
below the top of the soil, place and cover. If needed cut a 
small hole with wire cutters for the plant. Barring that, 
send the squirrels to me! I love them and there aren't many 
in my area!



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