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Publication: Handy Hints
Did You Know This About Aluminum Foil and Saran Wrap

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                  Handy Hints 
            "Tips To Help You In & Around Your Home" 
                       July 10, 2008

Hi All,

A reader writes in....I've been using aluminum foil for more 
years. Great stuff, but sometimes it can be a pain. Llike 
when you are in the middle of doing something and you try to 
pull some foil out and the roll comes out of the box.Then you 
have to put the roll back in the box and start over. The darn 
roll always comes out at the wrong time. Well, I would like 
to share this with you. Yesterday I went to throw out an 
empty Reynolds foil box and for some reason I turned it and 
looked at the end of the box. And written on the end it said, 
"Press here to lock end". Right there on the end of the box 
is a tab to lock the roll in place.
How long has this little locking tab been there? I then 
looked at a generic brand of aluminum foil and it had one, too. 
I then looked at a box of Saran wrap and it had one too! 

I'm sharing this with my friends that did not know this. I 
hope I'm not the only person that didn't know about this.


LOL...I know! I just recently found this out as well. Thanks 
for sharing!

Handy Hints Holly 


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