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Publication: Handy Hints
How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

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                     Handy Hints 
            "Tips To Help You In & Around Your Home" 
                       June 10, 2008

Hi All,

Regarding the mom who doesn't know what to do with all her 
child's schoolwork.  I came up with a binder idea.  I have 
the first cover page with a pic of child in that grade, the 
teacher's name, the school and the school year (eg 2006-2007).  
Then behind the cover page a few samples of the childs work 
and artwork (good and bad) and all report cards and the 
class pic - all 3 hole punched into a binder.  Do this for 
each school year and everything is in one book and you (and 
your child) can watch the progress.  Also a great keepsake 
to pass along perhaps when that child is in College or 

Thanks Donna for the great tip!

Handy Hints Holly 


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Handy Hints #1 

Garlic camouflages your body's scent, so mosquitoes can't 
track you down. Simply add 2 crushed garlic cloves to a 
pint of water, let sit overnight, straint and spritz around 
outdoor areas.

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Handy Hint #2

From Kitten: 
Baby oil also works great on squeaky hinges and isn't that 
expensive!  Just drop one of two drops on the top of the 



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