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Publication: Handy Hints
Homemade Gift Wrap

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                       Handy Hints 
            "Tips To Help You In & Around Your Home" 
                       April 24, 2008

Hello Everyone,     

A reader writes in: How do you get old olive oil stains out 
of clothes?

Try using regular dish soap. Rub it into the stain, rinse 
with warm water, or leave it on when you put the clothes in 
the washer.

Handy Hints Holly 


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Handy Hint #1: 
Sprinkle some baking soda in your veggies crisper and cover 
with a cloth or paper towel for crisper veggies that last 


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Handy Hint #2:

Homemade Gift wraps 
  Be sure you wear gloves when you do this one. Place a 
  different color of McCormick Food Coloring into several 
  different buckets. Roll up a piece of white tissue paper 
  and dip it into the different colored McCormick Food 
  Coloring. Make the gift wrap green and red for Christmas,
  or make it to suit someone's favorite colors for occasions 
  such as Birthdays and anniversaries. Do not drench the 
  tissue paper in the food coloring as this can cause tearing. 




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