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Publication: Handy Hints
How To Keep Your Veggies Crisper Longer

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                    Handy Hints 
            "Tips To Help You In & Around Your Home" 
                       November 29, 2007

Hello Everyone, 

Has everyone started their holiday shopping yet? If you 
have youngsters on your shopping list I have a great gift 
idea for you - kids just love these!

The Growing Dinosaur Egg Pets are perfect for the kids.
They love watching as their little reptile egg as it hatches
and turns into a dinosaur. 

Simply put the egg in a container of water and within 12 - 24
hours the dinosaur will begin to crack out of its shell. When
the tiny dinosaur is out of the egg remove the shell and place
your new reptile friend into its own larger container of water.
The dinosaur will continue to grow and grow (up to about 6 inches).

These are very amusing and kids just love them!! And...the best 
part is the price: they are only $1.99! 

To order or for more information visit:

Growing Dinosaur Egg Pets

Handy Hints Holly 


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Plain and simple no home or car should be without this. And
to ensure it is affordable, we have slashed the price from
$14.99 to JUST $7.99. 

SPECIAL BONUS: We're including an additional flashlight... 
that means you get two (2) flashlights for JUST $7.99. 

Easy... just squeeze the handle for instant light, anywhere 
anytime. Two (2) energy efficient LEDs provide light for any 
need. Built-in battery provides up to 50 hours of light in 
between charging (by simply squeezing the handle a few time). 
Perfect for emergency kit, car, camping and blackouts. Grab
one or two... Makes a Great Gift. Visit:

Forever Flashlight - Easy To Use & Lasts FOREVER

Handy Hint #1:
Scrub the slippery soles of new or old shoes with an emery 
board for a safer stride. 

Remembering Johnny Carson...

Everyone loved Johnny and you can cherish some of his best 
and HIS favorite moments from "The Tonight Show" in this 
exclusive DVD collection. This 3-volume collectible treasure

- Volume 1 - The Best of the 60s & 70s; The Best of the 70s & 80s
- Volume 2 - The Best of the 80s & 90s; Johnny Goes Home
- Volume 3 - 5.21.92 Episode; The Final Show
- Additional Behind-the-Scenes Footage
- "Danger Johnny" featurette
- "The Johnny Carson Story" Featurette
- Isolated Studio Camera (ISO) recordings of final show
- and so much more...

Get your collection that you will enjoy forever. Just $49.99.

Johnny Carson DVD Collection

Handy Hint #2:

Sprinkle some baking soda in your veggies crisper and cover 
with a cloth or paper towel for crisper veggies that last 



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