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Publication: Handy Hints
Keep Candle Wax Off Your Birthday Cake

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                    Handy Hints 
            "Tips To Help You In & Around Your Home" 
                       May 19, 2008

Hello Everyone,     

I was overwhelmed by all of the suggestions you all emailed
me on different ways to use all my shredded mail. I'm still
in the process of going through them and will feature a 
whole bunch in tomorrow’s issue. Thanks again for all the 
great hints!

Handy Hints Holly 


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Handy Hints #1

If one of your birthday wishes is to keep candle wax off 
the frosting on the cake, try this trick: Push each candle 
into a marshmallow and set the marshmallow atop the frosting. 
The wax will melt onto the marshmallow, which you can 
discard. Meanwhile, the marshmallows will add a festive 
look to the cake.


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Okay, I LOVE these. And I use them for just about everything.
With the warm weather coming, they are great for outdoors.
I love to put all the pool toys in them. It allows for them
to dry after being in the pool and it keeps them all together.

Get a few of them. You can use them for so many things. Ideal 
for college students, holding toys, and all the laundry you 
can fit. The best part is the nylon construction that makes 
this light as a feather.

It folds down to 6" and pops up to hold TWO (2) FULL LOADS

Store it in the closet or in the corner of the room. We
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Handy Hints #2

An annoying, buzzing housefly has been bobbing and weaving 
around your house for two days. Make it bite the dust with 
a squirt of hair spray. Take aim and fire. Watch the fly 
drop. But make sure the hair spray is water-soluble so that, 
if any spray hits the walls, you'll be able to wipe it 
clean. Works on wasps and bees too.



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