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Publication: Handy Hints
How To Make Your Apples Last Longer

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Handy Hints "Tips To Help You In & Around Your Home" May 7, 2008 ----------------------------------------------------------- Is LASIK right for you? Find out at AllAboutVision, visit: http://pd.gophercentral.com/r/201/c/102/a/100226/l/8542p4 ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello Everyone, I have squirrels digging in my flower pots. I've tried cayenne pepper mixed in with the dirt, pepper seeds mixed in with the dirt, pepper spray on the plants, chili powder and cayenne and pepper seeds on top of the dirt. They still dig in my pots. Does anyone have a fool proof way to keep the squirrels out of my flower pots? Thank you! Pam Handy Hints Holly email: Email Holly Forum: Visit My Forum ------------------------------------------------------------ A Mistake You're Going To Love.... CD PORTFOLIO (24 Capacity) Normal Price: $7.99 DEAL PRICE: $2.99 Carry your CDs with you wherever you go with this case that can hold either CDs or CD ROMS and holds up to 24 CDs. The stylish case not only protects your favorite CDs but it looks great, too!. This lightweight case features rugged nylon construction and an efficient design that zips all around. Also includes easy carrying handle. Grab one or two while you can. This is a closeout item so once they are gone, they are gone... CD PORTFOLIO (24 Capacity) ------------------------------------------------------------ Handy Hint #1: Are those sticky, hot bed sheets giving you the summertime blues when you should be deep in dreamland? Cool things down by sprinkling a bit of baby powder between your sheets before hopping into the sack on warm summer nights ------------------------------------------------------------ OUR PRICE: $9.99 Get two for $13.98 Check current weather conditions right from your desktop with the Digital Desktop Weather Station by Journey's Edge. This compact, but powerful, unit stands up on a desk or table to display the current temperature, humidity and moon phase and more. Features Include: - Displays Current Weather Conditions - Displays The Moon Phase - A built-in calendar displays time & date - 12/24 hour time format - Built-in alarm clock. - Temperature settings: Fahrenheit & Centigrade - Humidity Display. - Easy to operate control buttons - And YES, A Battery IS Included. Get one for $9.99 or save an additional $6.00 and get two (2) for $13.98. DIGITAL DESKTOP WEATHER STATION ------------------------------------------------------------ Handy Hint #2: Refrigerating apples can help them last up to 10 times longer than those left at room temperature. :-) ____________________________________________________________ END OF HANDY HINTS Copyright 2008 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved.
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