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JT Reveals

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Holden and the kids move back into Lily's house and the 
Snyder family is finally fully reunited. Mike concentrates 
on his future with Katie by proposing to her! 

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

Jennifer reveals to Emily that she confronted Paul and 
urged him for once, to put someone else's feelings before 
his own. Thinking that Paul's failure to marry Emily was 
a result of this, Emily is shaken, realizing that Paul 
decided against marrying her for her own sake. Feeling 
guilty, she goes to the bluff and tosses her engagement 
ring into the river as a way of saying goodbye. 

Meanwhile, Meg locates Paul under a layer of snow outside 
the cabin after trying to escape. He's deathly ill and 
she wants to take him back to town but he adamantly re-
fuses. She nurses him and is forced to climb into bed with 
him in order to keep him warm. When they awake, Paul is 
still weak and in his feverish state, he reveals his sor-
rows over Rosanna. 

When Meg finds herself being drawn in by Paul, she battles 
the urge to see him as a human, determined to stick to her 
plan to take his money and run. Paul tells Meg that he 
needs her help in order to make everyone think he has comm-
itted suicide so that the cops stop their search for him. 
She emphatically says no, not wanting to involve herself 
anymore but Paul points out that she is already an accessory 
after the fact and must help him. He tells her the one thing 
they need to pull off the suicide is the gun that Emily shot
him with so Meg heads out into the dark woods to search for 
it. She eventually finds it, but as she picks it up, a 
policeman shines a flashlight on her and orders her to 

Maddie and Casey come to the police station on an errand 
and Maddie is horrified to realize that Margo is investigat-
ing BJ's disappearance. 


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Ava chats up Quinn and learns he and Lizzie never dated at 
all. Lizzie is feeling very confused.

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

Harley is stunned when Mallet reveals that he knows how 
much she loves and misses Gus - because he feels the same 
way about her. Unable to deal with it, Harley stresses for 
Mallet to keep his feelings to himself. Their mutual denial 
is interrupted by an FBI agent who has come to take over 
the case - and take Mallet and Harley off it. 

Later, Mallet asks Frank for a leave of absence so he can 
pursue the case on his own. Frank questions Mallet's motives, 
but Mallet insists everything is legit. Mallet convinces 
Dinah that he doesn't accept her over-the-phone break-up 
from earlier, and convinces her to have dinner with him. 
Dinah and Mallet are kissing when he gets a call from Harley. 

Jonathan discovers the photos of Jeffrey and Richard, and 
pumps his aunt Olivia, who is out on a date with Josh, for 
details. He learns that Josh has a file on Jeffrey he hasn't 
yet shown Cassie. Jonathan lifts Josh's key and steals the 

Over at Company, Frank hears the call come in about the rob-
bery and decides to show off for Olivia by handling the case 
personally. Tammy and Jonathan, with Reva and Jeffrey along 
for moral support, face a judge. Assistant D.A. Doris Wolfe 
isn't happy to just paint them as arsonists - she wants the 
court to see that they're kissing cousins, as well. 

Jeffrey, to protect Tammy, offers Doris a deal - drop the 
charges against Cassie's daughter, and Doris can have Jeff-
rey's job. Lizzie goes to meet Quinn, who is having doubts 
about letting her have his penthouse. Lizzie, to prove to 
Quinn how much she appreciates everything he's done for her, 
gives him a kiss.


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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Stephanie thinks it's time to start a new life. Dante 
arrives to try to cheer Taylor up. 

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Brooke stops Ridge from asking her anything, and tells him 
that he should work things out with Taylor. Ridge calls 
Taylor and asks her to meet him up at the Big Bear cabin. 
Hector tries to convince Taylor to move on with him, but 
she is insistent that things will work out with Ridge. 

Ridge and Taylor meet at Big Bear and Taylor tries to 
apologize. Ridge calls Taylor a hypocrite and does not 
respond to her apologies. 

Nick desperately pleads with Brooke not to get back to-
gether with Ridge. She tells Nick that she still loves him, 
but that they should definitely not act on those feelings. 
Brooke then realizes that Ridge might be ending his marriage 
with Taylor in order to pursue a relationship with her. 
Brooke is trying desperately to get a hold of Ridge and tell 
him not to end his marriage. She is unable to reach him on 
the phone, so she rushes off to Big Bear to stop him. 

Stephanie tells Eric that Ridge and Taylor are having prob-
lems. Eric tries to tell her to stay out of it and let them 
figure things out, but Stephanie is too afraid of Brooke 
stepping in. Ridge tells Stephanie that he intends to ask 
Brooke to marry him. Nick tells Bridget about her mother's 

Bridget asks Nick not to make things difficult if Brooke 
decides to get back together with Ridge, but he seems un-
easy with the thought.


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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Daniel tells Jack that he hopes he can work out his problems 
with Phyllis. J.T. reveals that Colleen is back in town.

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Phyllis is shocked when Jack offers her a job as a creative 
division head at Chancellor Industries. Later, at Jabot, 
Jack tells Jill about the executive job he wants to hire 
for, and Jill wants to do a wide search to find the best 
person for the job, but eventually gives in. 

Meanwhile, in the boardroom, Phyllis tells Nikki that Jack 
offered her a better job and she needs to back out of the 
project, leaving Nikki furious. Jill tells Nikki that Jack 
is manipulating Phyllis with this job offer. 

Later, Phyllis goes to Jack's office to accept the position 
just as a fax arrives. Phyllis learns that Jack was explor-
ing legal options to sue Phyllis and Nikki if they go for-
ward with the project just as Jack returns. 

Furious, Phyllis returns to the Jabot boardroom just as 
Nikki's meeting with some manufacturing representatives 
begins, pleasing Nikki. 

Sharon tells Daniel that she doesn't blame him for Cassie's 
death and is grateful for the good influence he's having on 
Noah. Later, Nick and Sharon light a candle in remembrance 
of Cassie. Sharon tells Nick that she can't decide if she 
wants to go on her business trip, offering to stay if Nick 
wants her to, but Victoria arrives just then to announce 
that Brad made the decision to go forward with the trip. 
Nick is upset with Brad, but Sharon defends him. 

After taking a shower, Yolanda drops her robe, and naked, 
comes on to Neil. J.T. finds Victoria blowing off some 
steam with the punching bag, and wonders what's wrong. 
Victoria confides that she is stressed about work and some 
issues with Brad. J.T. reminds Victoria that he used to be 
close to Brad since he dated Colleen. J.T. notices her 
engagement ring, and Victoria confides that she is engaged 
to Brad but that they are keeping it quiet for now. 


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