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Publication: CBS Soaps
Brad is Enraged

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - CBS Soaps               
                  Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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Here's what's going to happen next on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

An eavesdropping Jade overhears Lily tell Lucinda that 
Jade is a fraud. Jade runs to Luke and confesses that 
she's not his cousin.

Here's what just happened on AS THE WORLD TURNS: 

When Paul keeps insisting that he doesn't remember where 
he buried Dusty, Jennifer guesses that he killed him - but 
that he didn't bury him. Did Meg? Paul denies so vehemently 
that Jen realizes he's in love with Nurse Snyder. 

Meanwhile, Emily has convinced Hal to search Meg's room. 
In Meg's presence, Hal finds the gloves with the blood on 
them. She's arrested as a co-conspirator and brought down 
to the cellblock next to Paul. 

Gwen and Will drop by Hal's to tell him they're married, 
but Hal is not home and the place is a mess. Gwen, guess-
ing that Hal is feeling like no one cares about him, jumps 
in and starts cleaning. Hal comes home to a clean house - 
and the bombshell that his teenage son is married. Hal 
meets Will's bombshell about marrying Gwen with one of his 
own - Paul is alive. 

Later, an emergency with Johnny's babysitter leaves Gwen 
to watch over the baby she once thought was her own. Margo 
figures out that Casey and Maddie helped Will and Gwen get 
married. She is not pleased. Especially when she comes home 
to find the pair making out on the couch. Margo blasts 
Casey for lying to Tom when he wanted to know about judges 
who marry underage kids. She tells Casey and Maddie she 
can't trust them. 

Maddie will have to move out. A sad Maddie leaves with her 
suitcase, turning up on Henry's doorstep. Katie tries to 
convince Nick to tell Jack that Carly was the one who set 
him up, but Nick insists that Carly seemed genuinely shock-
ed to hear about it.


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Here's what's coming up next on GUIDING LIGHT:

Alan-Michael doesn't waver. Marina blurts out something 
she shouldn't.

Here's what just happened on GUIDING LIGHT: 

Frank tells Tammy that Sandy called the police station 
claiming to be afraid for his life. Tammy goes to the 
cliff where Sandy supposedly called from, only to come 
upon the "threatened" man, himself. Tammy agrees that the 
only way to end their cycle of revenge is for her to run 
away with her ex! 

Meanwhile, Jonathan has been taken in for questioning by 
Frank. He realizes that Tammy knows about Sandy's calls 
and howls that he has to get to her. Frank won't let him 
go, so Jonathan confesses to Sandy's murder then, when 
another officer is taking his statement, knocks him out 
and runs off. 

As soon as Tammy looks at Jonathan, Sandy realizes he's 
the one she loves. He grabs Tammy and warns Jonathan that 
if he takes another step, they're both going over the cliff. 
Tammy throws herself at Sandy to save Jonathan, but ends up 
pushing too hard and sending Sandy careening off the cliff 
to his death. 

Coop learns that the guy Ava is dating is actually an escort 
paid for by Lizzie. But that's nothing compared to the sur-
prise Lizzie gets when she sees a very much alive Alan step 
out of the elevator with her mother! As Lizzie tries to wrap 
her head around what just happened, Buzz does Frank a favor 
and fills in for him on a date with Olivia. 

Reva tells Josh she wants to move back home. He reminds 
that she shouldn't be alone, but Reva reassures that she 
won't be -and asks Billy to move in with her.


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Here's what's coming up next on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Bridget is caught between two people she loves. Stephanie 
finds comfort in an unusual place.

Here's what just happened on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: 

Nick professes his love for Brooke and calls the incident 
that she walked in on, a big mistake. Bridget tries to 
keep Ridge from bothering Nick and Brooke, but he goes to 
find Brooke anyway. Ridge finds Brooke and Nick and con-
fronts them. Ridge argues with Nick. 

Dante tries to calm Bridget's nerves. Bridget tells him 
that there is only one woman for Nick; Brooke. Meanwhile, 
Taylor tells Stephanie what happened between her and Nick. 
As Nick and Ridge continue to engage in arguing, Brooke 
leaves to think things through. Ridge follows Brooke and 
proposes to elope, but she rejects the offer and removes 
her wedding ring. 

Stephanie is furious to hear Nick was with Taylor because 
that could have sent Brooke back to Ridge. When Stephanie 
and Taylor later confront Nick, he shows no sign of worry
... Brooke will be his, forever. 

Taylor explains to Brooke that she was only with Nick be-
cause he needed comfort and that Brooke should forgive him. 
Brooke still thinks Taylor only wants Brooke to end up with 
Nick, so that Taylor can be with Ridge again. 

Meanwhile, Stephanie is having difficulty coping with 
Felicia's death. Eric tells Jackie about Stephanie's dis-
tance towards the family and how this troubles him.


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Here's what's coming up next on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Jack is furious when Victor reveals to him that he was 
the one who suggested that Gloria be John's proxy. Brad 
is enraged when Sharon unknowingly reveals J.T. is the 
man Victoria slept with. 

Here's what just happened on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: 

Nikki is stunned when she learns Victoria slept with J.T. 
When Brad arrives, Nikki leaves. They kiss and he expresses 
to Victoria that he's happy that they can now be totally 
open about their relationship. Victoria admits she im-
pulsively slept with a man. 

Brad admits to Colleen that he likes J.T. but warns her 
that she needs to be cautious about getting involved with 
him on the rebound. 

Kevin offers to talk to J.T. about moving out. Mac is 
touched that Kevin is so supportive. When J.T. arrives, 
Mac announces she is moving back into her grandmother's 
home. Things are a bit awkward while she packs her things. 
Before Mac leaves, she asks Kevin to pack a few of her 
DVD's and she and J.T. share an emotional embrace. 

Lauren prepares dinner for Paul and Ashley. Michael is not 
thrilled to have the dinner with Ashley because of her mis-
sion to disenfranchise Gloria and wants to be cancel dinner. 

However, Paul and Ashley arrive, and later after dinner, 
Ashley and Michael get competitive with each other when all 
four are playing a movie trivia game. Devon is taken a back 
and upset to find out that Lily was pretending to hate Dan-
iel. He protests when Neil shares the news that Lily will 
be sent back to New Hampshire. 

Gloria thanks Kay for inviting her to dinner at the club 
and is delighted to find out that Nikki was invited to be 
her mentor at Jabot. Neil later meets up with Chris at the 
GCAC Dining room, where he discusses legal options for 
tracking down Lily.


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